The Angband Ladder: LilBowBoy1, Dwarf Ranger by Egavactip

Posted on 9.6.2018 20:28

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On 9.6.2018 20:28 Egavactip wrote:
A decent ranger run. Didn't get a good bow for quite some time but when I did, it was very nice (and lucky to get it, bc that was the only artifact bow I found). Speed was good early, a bit of an issue later, unless I wanted to sacrifice all my Intelligence. Main problem was stats--had real problems with most stats except constitution, which also made it hard to find a good weapon. Didn't get a decent weapon until very late in the game. Morgoth was very easy--one of the easiest, in part because my scrolls of rune of protection held up very well (didn't even have to cast it myself!), which meant I could spend all my time pouring arrow after arrow after arrow into him.

On 10.6.2018 03:38 Moving Pictures wrote:
I was going to say - x5 strength and +2 speed, so you were pushing five arrows a round .... hellish damage.

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