The Angband Ladder: Tyrsa, High-Elf Blackguard by Thraalbee

Posted on 24.3.2018 16:43
Last updated on 30.3.2018 17:06

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On 24.3.2018 16:43 Thraalbee wrote:
Feature/Class - Testing the Blackguard. Very powerful in melee.

On 24.3.2018 22:20 Thraalbee wrote:
Adunaphel dropped FOUR artifact weapons! Already had Gelron for melee and Dimoros with "Sprint" and dragon slaying. Carthad looks nice vs dragons and evil, Vastir even better for dragons. Helwe is not bad, just not as good as the others. Angulmar needs more dice.

On 25.3.2018 10:45 Thraalbee wrote:
Wading in artifact weapons. The Balrog of Moria droppes FOUR of them too!

On 25.3.2018 11:02 Thraalbee wrote:
Most of them have to go, including Vastir. But it's activation for 8x 150 damage lightning balls is amazing when fighting in close quarters. Except when first kill drops an ??ber =Speed

On 27.3.2018 22:35 Thraalbee wrote:
Playing slowly to test tanking different foes etc. The bloodrage spell is fun. Slightly unpredictable - you may lose a turn now and then - but fun! Some speed boots would be welcome

On 30.3.2018 17:06 Thraalbee wrote:
I've won all classes in Ironman mode and this one was clearly the easiest so far.

It took my time, reached level 50 near level 100.

Final fight in a single bout without teleport or tele-other on the big P. I used only one ?phase due to that I forgot it's not good to stand against a permawall (outer dungeon edge). I used none of the banish/mass banish. Morgoth was stunned from early on and that seems to have a big impact on the summons. And... I had only 351 dpr vs. evil so this should not necessarily have been such an easy fight.

Overall, I like this class. Only adjustment I would suggest would be to make it harder to stun higher level monsters and unique's with the shield bash.

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