The Angband Ladder: Abi2, Half-Elf Priest by <abi>

Posted on 26.1.2018 19:07
Last updated on 16.2.2018 15:56

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9643. on the Ladder (of 18813)
3967. on the Angband Ladder (of 6400)
Second best for this player (out of 4)


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On 26.1.2018 21:03 abi wrote:
CL 9 DL 5 found Phial of Galadriel early -- hooray; looking for WoR scrolls to go back to town and replenish supplies...

On 30.1.2018 19:19 abi wrote:
LVL16 700' went down few levels hoping for good rewards but so far encountered only dangerous 'standard' level monsters -- so most of the time trying to stay alive ...

On 31.1.2018 14:56 abi wrote:
LVL16 800' with great effort killed Wormtongue, and got a lousy Lance of Slay Trolls :-(

On 31.1.2018 15:22 abi wrote:
LVL17 800' fortune smiles to me - got Elvagil from Large Kobold drop -- hooray! see invisible and better melee :-)

On 2.2.2018 15:15 abi wrote:
LVL26 1200' since i got Ti-li-arc from Scroll of Acquirement, and +5 Wisdom hat shortly after, my melee improved so greatly, that the next few levels were very easy for me smiting hordes of orcs, trolls, giants and wolves. Now intend to dive 5 levels quickly to hunt for stat potions. Wish me luck.

On 6.2.2018 21:33 abi wrote:
LVL 28 1650' numerous stat potions, even artefacts! playing cautiously but it pays a lot to be deep :-)

On 7.2.2018 15:46 abi wrote:
LVL29 1750' Haradekket supplied with mighty priest spells makes the current levels very easy -- love it :-)

On 14.2.2018 16:43 abi wrote:
LVL33 2250' smiting everything quite easily, even ancient dragons -- just keeping vigil of the big nasties to run away -- my constitution sacks, and looking for better gloves and helmet: they worthless now

On 16.2.2018 15:56 abi wrote:
LVL35 2550' uniques are becoming a trouble -- and tougher native level monsters -- Haradekket is still great for lower level monster groups -- can even handle drolems! -- desperately looking for speed upgrades ... too many monsters are much faster than me now

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