The Angband Ladder: Fangbatboy, Ent Ninja by Sideways

Posted on 14.10.2017 02:11
Last updated on 15.10.2017 17:16

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3329. on the Ladder (of 18806)
309. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
77. for this player (out of 182)


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On 14.10.2017 02:11 Sideways wrote: ellipos dump. I failed Mountain Shrine needlessly because I wasn't paying attention and let the wall monsters breed out of hand. Wouldn't mind finding a Ninjato of Sharpness (4d9) like I had in my previous game... also, !NewLife took my STR max a bit too low for comfort (though it also improved my life rating from 90/100 to 116/100!) Otherwise doing OK, though my play has been sloppy and there have been some risky moments.

On 14.10.2017 02:32 Fnord wrote:
Wouldn't the Dm ring be stronger on Quickthorn?

On 14.10.2017 02:54 Sideways wrote:
The plan is to use the combat ring on Quickthorn and switch between Defender (rBase) and Nazg?ğl (rNether, extra offense) in the other ring slot. (Nazg?ğl should really go with Quickthorn, but sometimes I feel too lazy for such complicated swaps.)

On 15.10.2017 03:21 Sideways wrote:
Found a GCV at Angband 53, destroyed The Storm of Unmagic and killed Loki (who was mostly responsible for the death of my previous deep ent ninja) and Fiona; unfortunately there wasn't any really great loot. (I eventually bailed out without fighting the Maw of Hell or the GWOP that was in there, but I don't think that cost me much loot-wise.)

On 15.10.2017 17:16 Sideways wrote:
Should have admitted Spawning Pits wasn't working and got the heck out of there BEFORE I teleported in front of a huge pack of plasma hounds.

On 16.10.2017 00:57 krazyhades wrote:

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