The Angband Ladder: Belgo, Hobbit Rogue by <>

Posted on 14.10.2003 19:17
Last updated on 18.10.2003 12:35

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9883. on the Ladder (of 18807)
239. on the NPPAngband Ladder (of 438)
Third best for this player (out of 8)


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On 14.10.2003 19:17 wrote:
Promising character: I had never been able to dive to 1500' at CL 30, and I only wish I found a decent sling (rogues get an extra sling attack after CL26 in NPP)...

On 18.10.2003 12:35 wrote:
Like always - I didn't run in time. *STUPID*...It's the best chance I've ever had to actually go through stat gain.

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