The Angband Ladder: CyscytheIII, Draconian Weaponmaster by delstrudo

Posted on 27.7.2017 06:21
Last updated on 29.7.2017 04:43

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7244. on the Ladder (of 18816)
531. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
15. for this player (out of 37)


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On 27.7.2017 06:21 delstrudo wrote:
Grinding up slow and steady! Couple close calls so far but with the life rating managed to scrape by. Using some areas in the wilderness to grind up some low risk XP which seems to help keep the levels moving up.

On 28.7.2017 06:26 delstrudo wrote:
Cant count how many times my massive HP's have saved my life. Jack Shadows down with help of a single health pot, and it was down to the wire even all buffed out. Def needing some speed but feeling nice and beefy.

On 29.7.2017 04:43 delstrudo wrote:
What a bloody shame. Port away right into Norsa who just summoned a bunch of nasties who basically vaporized me. Back to square one yet again.

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