The Angband Ladder: Bonologist, Dunadan Warlock by murphy

Posted on 30.6.2017 07:32
Last updated on 30.6.2017 20:09

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995. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
144. for this player (out of 245)


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On 30.6.2017 07:36 murphy wrote:
kind of obsessed with doppleganger now. haven't succumbed to peeking at spoilers, so I dont know what high level forms it gets. but i am convinced this is a good race/class combo.

im mainly using the forms that get charisma bonus, which was barbarian at first and now dark elf.

On 30.6.2017 20:14 murphy wrote:
after multiple confrontations, this was the first time I had ghatanothoa half dead, I was trying to prolong the battle instead of running to safety

I had gotten away with using this cursed staff for a while, so I guess I deserved to have it explode in my hands when I was badly hurt

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