The Angband Ladder: Criliand, Yeek Possessor by Yottle

Posted on 30.5.2017 00:13

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On 30.5.2017 00:13 Yottle wrote:
I was trying out the three joke monsters. I decided that DG was the best, but since he has no way to breathe in the void I am goin to give up on him.
Sting got ruined when I kissed Marylene amd GilGalad when I killed DG. I should have used an alternate kit for them.

On 30.5.2017 00:42 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
The other option to somehow get a Cloak of Air. Which monsters can breathe in the Void, btw?

On 30.5.2017 00:43 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
If you give up on DG, you'll miss it big time

On 30.5.2017 02:38 Yottle wrote:
DG doesn't have a cloak slot or a light slot. So that rules out cloaks of air and the Phial of Undeath. I had on Toris Megistos, which gives underwater breathing, but it didn't help. The HP drain is faster than I can replenish it with DG's healing spell.

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