The Angband Ladder: VooDooBoy4, Dunadan Mage by Egavactip

Posted on 26.5.2017 23:43

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On 26.5.2017 23:43 Egavactip wrote:
Constitution was hard to come by in this game until the very end; spent most of game at no more than 500hp. Found a good dagger at DL30 that helped--not great damage but immunity to fire, which is nice for a mage. Finding Kelek's was a real pain. It took forever to find one and the first one I did fine was crushed by Atlas before I could get to it! Without a great weapon (melee or ranged) and without Kelek's, I found myself avoiding more creatures than usual (I also had a fair number of resistance gaps until well into the endgame). Eventually, of course, I found Kelek's, got two decent endgame weapons, and went around destroying the world, looking for consumables. Finally decided I wasn't going to get much better so went for Sauron and Morgoth a bit early (Dunadan mages can take a long time). Sauron was very easy, Morgoth didn't deal me too many curves, so all was cool in the end.

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