The Angband Ladder: Vinja, Vampire Ninja by delstrudo

Posted on 27.4.2017 06:22
Last updated on 3.5.2017 15:36

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1410. on the Ladder (of 18816)
93. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
5. for this player (out of 37)


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On 27.4.2017 06:22 delstrudo wrote:
Having a ton of fun with this one!

On 30.4.2017 06:17 delstrudo wrote:
Clvl 50, it's been a while. Silver chariot is a nice change of pace and found a falcon sword with which a nice Vamp reforge got laid on. Swapped around so I could put a damage ring on right hand as the dmg is starting to feel a bit low. Dropped some armor to gain more resists, still not bad though.

On 1.5.2017 06:11 delstrudo wrote:
Hunting down upgrades, I need a great helmet that isn't too heavy or it disrupts balance! I'd take just about anything lol. Dmg, armor, and resists going up though so feeling good.

On 3.5.2017 15:36 delstrudo wrote:
I had thought about it beforehand... what kind of situation would be most disadvantageous for this guy? No spells. As such I always kept a pack of teleport scrolls just in case. In this death the scrolls were ditched for bagspace and this needless fight was attempted...RIP

On 3.5.2017 15:57 debo wrote:
You had a very powerful destruction spell on the armageddon stone!!! (Dunno what the failrate would have been, though.)

On 3.5.2017 15:57 debo wrote:

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