The Angband Ladder: al, Hobbit Rogue by Ironshod Al

Posted on 1.4.2017 15:48

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On 1.4.2017 15:48 Ironshod Al wrote:
In the speedrun thread (, HugoTheGreat2011 linked to his PosChengband videos. Watching some of them convinced me to play this variant. It's much like I would have preferred ToME4 to be (more options available in the middle part of the game).

I downloaded PosChengband on march 15 2017. This dump is from march 27 2017.
After 25-30 @s (all hobbit rogues) I was able to get to CL30/DL30. I had two previous deaths at CL25/DL21. The rest usually died to early uniques like Farmer Maggots dogs and Freesia.
I also lost a couple of CL8-CL10 characters to the save-bug in PosChengband 6.0.0.

The hobbit rogue is my first attempt to play any sort of spellcaster. I still play it like a half-troll warrior, but with less HP and far better stealth.

The main problem for my PosChengband games seems to be death by mana bolt. Apart from Gachapin, Sir Galahad and some dark elven warlocks, there wasn't much danger in this game. The short bow of Robin Hood + ?Phase Door + !Speed was used to kill most of the harder monsters. I used Careth Asdriag and the bow in the Orc Camp quest.

My first encounter with a fire giant was a major obstacle, but mostly because I was in the middle of sorting through some loot when it appeared and I didn't want to leave the level without the best of the shiny new items.

The failed quest was an oversight. I killed another unique and forgot that a staircase has to appear before the quest is complete. Since inventory was full I decided to recall instead of cleaning out the rest of the level.

On 2.4.2017 02:48 gomen_gomen wrote:
Camelot can be cruel, seems to me it's the hardest of the under 35 dungeons and the least "intuitive" because of how the knights of the round each have an array of special abilities usually found in level 50+ enemies.

Reflection can prevent mana bolts, but it's fairly rare as far as egos go - I find it better to get the heck out of there at the first sign of trouble. You'll have unlimited opportunities to come back.

On 2.4.2017 07:02 Ironshod Al wrote:
To me PosChengband is currently "learning by dying". I've learned similar lessons about the Orc Camp and Old Man Willow quests. That was why I brought the sabre along in this game to slay the orcs. Encounters with dark elven warlocks also went much better this time. The warlocks were the reason that my first CL25 character died.

I have heard rumours of Camelot being a tough place, but it was more interesting to explore than the Icky cave, the Forest and the Labyrinth. The most interesting part of the Forest is that you can hide among the trees and easily fight hounds that way. I usually skip maze levels in Vanilla if I can. I don't find them interesting at all, so a whole dungeon of that is not something I want to deal with. At least not without a bunch of stone to mud charges.

Thanks for the tips about reflection and leaving immediately. In fact I should at least have used ?teleport instead of ?phase door to get away from Galahad. Unfortunately, when "learning by dying" I find that I grind a lot to survive known problems. This makes me forget to play slow when I encounter dangerous enemies. The Gachapin wasn't too tough (I had a -teleport other), but I needed to be brought to low hitpoints in order to stop and think about the right approach.

Eventually I'll figure out how to get safely past initial dangers (Freesia, the dogs and the occasional soldier - all are faster than me), but right now it takes several visits to DL1 in order to get enough gold to get a decent stock of ?phase door, !speed and !heroism. With this kit I can deal with most of the stuff I encounter in the stronghold. And there's a nice sling as reward when I'm strong enough to deal with the hideout.

On 2.4.2017 08:24 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
FYI, those Knights of the Round Table also teleport-to-follow!! That means if you teleport, they will be teleporting with you like a leech!! So you need to somehow to get ahold of a Wand of Teleport Other to shake off those dudes!!

On 2.4.2017 08:51 Ironshod Al wrote:
Ouch! That would have been a nasty surprise for me. I've tried teleport-to-follow once with a lesser hell-beast, without really understanding what happened until I managed to escape and had time to figure it out.

There actually was a -TO in my inventory, so that would have been the way to go. Followed by ?recall.

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