The Angband Ladder: Rubinstein, Dwarf Axemaster by <>

Posted on 25.9.2003 21:05
Last updated on 7.10.2003 19:15

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On 27.9.2003 22:21 wrote:
After 8 days still no decent axe!
Princess quests gave me to nice pieces of armor, but the best weapon so far: A shocking whip from Smeagol. :P
Luck doesn't seem very high yet...

On 27.9.2003 22:34 wrote:
Oh, forgot the boots of free action.
I *love* free action!

On 7.10.2003 19:15 wrote:
Oh well, Rubinstein got ambushed while looking for the good's temple and crossing a river.
It all began with 2 Water Trolls...
Very soon he was surrounded by 2 Wales, Kraken etc., look here:
Was fun at all!
Another one with the same stats will follow soon! :-)

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