The Angband Ladder: Unique, Kobold Mage by Sideways

Posted on 12.2.2017 02:57

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On 12.2.2017 02:57 Sideways wrote:
My first ever mage win :) Also the first time I ever got a mage past dungeon level 25. Based on what I'd heard about mages, I'm not awfully surprised about reaching those two milestones with the same character.

I had absolutely no luck with items of any kind early on, which is why I took so many turns. I found absolutely nothing in the dungeon, and the shops also offered nothing... apart from one time when the Black Market put up Boots of Speed that were *just* out of my price range, and by the time I returned with another few thousand gold pieces they were no longer there. It didn't help my HP was very low - at one point I had 164 maxHP and 177 maxSP - with encumbering armor. At 1450' I had my STR reduced from 18/19 to 6, which also slowed my speed from 0 to -11; a problem I solved semi-safely by killing 4000 giant black lice to reach the next clvl and spamming a Ring of Open Wounds for health. Having managed that, my lantern was out of fuel, so I had to find a lit room before I could return home ;-) The early lack of luck may have been a blessing in disguise, since it forced me to be super-careful and meant there was no danger of overconfidence.

Then around 1500' my luck suddenly turned and I started finding advanced spellbooks, which helped a lot. By 1800' I had a complete collection of all nine spellbooks! And a Ring of Intelligence (+6) to go with it :) And Kavlax dropped Orom?, an awesome mage weapon, at 1950'... I used it until I got a lucky Deathwreaker at 3200'. Not sure if I've ever found Deathwreaker before; certainly it's been quite a while. It does my heart good to kill Vampire Lords in one round as a mage!

One of the highlights was the Mouth of Sauron fight at 2150' (if I hadn't got Thorin from Shagrat earlier on that level, giving me another 150+ HP, I'd have chickened out of it). That fight took me around 30 Potions of CCW (luckily I had enough)... it didn't help that I didn't have any of rBlind, rConf or rStun. There was one precarious moment during that fight when I had 180HP and teleported into a room that contained both the Balrog of Moria and Dwar, Dog Lord of Waw, but I survived.

Probably the closest I came to dying was a completely avoidable incident at 4750'. I *still* didn't have rBlind, and got blinded by an Ethereal dragon... and stupidly, didn't quaff a !CCW immediately because I thought "it's only an Ethereal dragon, no danger"... and then a Great Wyrm of Law showed up and breathed shards at me. Result: I had 100HP, no !*Healing*, no !Life, and I couldn't teleport away because I was blinded. I took a normal potion of Healing and - huge relief! - the wyrm didn't breathe shards at me a second time...

Despite a few lucky finds, figuring out my equipment always remained an issue. Early on, the main problem was See Invisible - even after I'd found quite a few artifact weapons, I had to keep using my old Halberd of Westernesse because it was my only source of See Invisible... and also for the +2 CON, which I liked to have due to my super-low maxHP. I got rConf late (I killed both Smaug and Itangast while confused...), rBlind even later, and for a long time had to use Amrod instead of Cubragol because I needed Amrod's rElec! I never really had rNether, and my final combo also lacked rShard and rNexus; and I had to do a lot of shuffling to keep my stats up.

The Morgoth fight was comfortably - I basically took him down with a zillion mana storms. I hit him with Deathwreaker all of once... and that was the killing blow. An artifact true to its name :-)

Thank you RNG!

On 12.2.2017 03:30 Sideways wrote:
Also, my second consecutive win without killing Mughash :) I'm getting pretty good at not killing Mughash, it seems.

Ancalagon also escaped... the only time I saw him was during the Morgoth fight, and I teleported him out of there. Luckily this wasn't a multiplayer version and so there was no danger of running into MuddIV, who apparently wanted to kill all Uniques :-)

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