The Angband Ladder: Elwing, Half-Elf Druid by <>

Posted on 23.9.2003 05:25

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On 23.9.2003 05:25 wrote:
I wanted to run one of the toughest characters possible, and nobody seems to like the Half-Elf... or the Druid...

As it turns out, it was easy to the point of apathy. 50 Summoning + 50 Monster-Lore + a Partial Totem of a Great Wyrm of Power = one *really* easy trip through the Void.

I guess I shouldn't complain though... This one maxed out exp levels in about 1/3 of the time it normally takes my characters to finish up.

On 23.9.2003 11:30 wrote:
Ah, someone else figured out how nice Summoning is. Except I never pump more than 1 point into it. With GWoP, it'll summons lots of other Wyrms for you as pets, and then you can desummon that partial, and still have lots of pets left.

You should try it.

On 24.9.2003 01:33 wrote:
Yes, I've done that before. But this character had to gain all of her levels through summoning, essentially, so I needed a high level in the skill to prevent all of her Cyclopses from evaporating at inopportune moments.

On 5.10.2003 04:04 wrote:
You should try the one class I never had guts to try: The Warper!

They look like pure suckiness to me

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