The Angband Ladder: TrozzardBoy2, Half-Troll Mage by Egavactip

Posted on 24.12.2016 20:46

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On 24.12.2016 20:46 Egavactip wrote:
I had just played a hobbit mage. I wanted to do another mage but this time I wanted some hit points, so i decided to do a half-troll mage, which was a combination I had never done before. My first attempt was really promising, helped by an early potion of experience that allowed him to skip most of the 20s character levels; he also had a great crossbow. Moreover, I was able to bump his intel up early, so he was actually an effective mage. However, he unexpectedly died through an unknown source (something unseen blasted me down to virtually nothing, then some wimpy monster adjacent to me actually gave me the coup de grace).

So I started TrozzardBoy2 and hoped he would do better. He came up a lost slower than my first attempt, not helped at all that his intelligence was one of the slowest stats to gain. Eventually he began to get better but he came extraordinarily close to dying somewhere around DL60 when I did a complicated equipment swap and failed to notice I no longer had free action. I promptly got paralyzed (by a wraith, I think). I plodded through the execution, just waiting for him to die (I've never survived a non-very-early paralysis). Miraculously, when he was almost killed, the paralysis wore off and he was able to get the hell out of dodge.

Playing a half troll mage was easier than I had feared it might be. The major issue, overall, was low stats. It looked like I was going to be going into the final battle with the lowest set of stats I would have ever done it, but at the last minute I was able to cobble together a combination of stuff that weighed *just* low enough to give me speed +20, which allowed me to swap my second Ring of Speed for a major ring, which bumped up my stats.

The battle against Sauron was very irritating, because I had almost killed him--with crossbow bolts, no less--when he sent me sailing through the ceiling back to DL98 and I had to start all over from scratch. The battle against Morgoth was pretty straightforward. I shot off all my remaining bolts of evil & holy might, then mana stormed him to oblivion. I had killed all the uniques except for Huan and Carcaroth, so I didn't have a lot of unpleasant summons surprises.

Final touch; I finished this game on Christmas Eve, which gave me a chance to see the elves in town. :)

On 25.12.2016 01:19 Estie wrote:
Half troll is actually a good choice of race for mage because of the innate regen.

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