The Angband Ladder: Sonya, Half-Titan Warrior-Mage by wobbly

Posted on 11.12.2016 20:14
Last updated on 20.12.2016 15:28

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7502. on the Ladder (of 18811)
545. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
37. for this player (out of 328)

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On 12.12.2016 18:59 wobbly wrote:
Going to stick with the imp till I get annoyed by the lack of hps. At least I get an attack spell for when the devices run dry.

On 13.12.2016 09:44 wobbly wrote:
Half-Titan with a decent LR too, will stick with this

On 13.12.2016 11:48 wobbly wrote:
Craft 4 & rod of clarity, will need more int 1st though

On 13.12.2016 13:31 wobbly wrote:
Craft 3 I mean

On 16.12.2016 08:12 wobbly wrote:
It's annoying trying to remember which devices I've attached to which letters

On 16.12.2016 17:59 krazyhades wrote:
That's why I basically inscribe every item in my inventory with standard letters each game, though of course actually setting that up is annoying too

On 18.12.2016 06:17 wobbly wrote:
Aggravate, though got telepathy. Not sure whether I'll stick with the runesword, the sting randart back home looks pretty good

On 18.12.2016 10:03 wrote:
Does aggravation really matter for you right now? It's not as if your current stealth is all that reliable anyway!

Also, while that Sting randart looks like it would do roughly the same damage or a little more, you'd lose the vampirism from your rune sword.

On 18.12.2016 11:29 wobbly wrote:
It's similar damage (I can look by putting it in the off-hand), -vampirism, +slay evil, +a shield. Yeah the ag isn't a big deal at this depth but it's noticeably worse then simply bad stealth. It going to depend on how things look when I get to TY curse which I'm not sure how to deal with.

On 19.12.2016 13:14 wobbly wrote:
Cloning pits was a bit hectic. Exploded lots of ants. Animated them so they exploded some more. Somehow I ended up with greater basilisks on the level. Don't think I had rnether or rdark but I did have half-titan hps.

On 20.12.2016 08:00 wobbly wrote:
Entrance guardian to dragon's lair dropped craft 4. Looks like I miss out on whatever the last spell was.

On 20.12.2016 11:36 wrote:
Unless chris changed it since v1.0.9, the missing spell is 'Force Branding;' a great loss for your character, I'm sure.

On 20.12.2016 14:28 wobbly wrote:
Shooting star dropped a heap of handy devices, including _mana storm

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