The Angband Ladder: Diruth, Dwarf Warrior by fruviad

Posted on 10.11.2016 22:42
Last updated on 12.11.2016 21:15

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829. on the Angband Ladder (of 6403)
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On 10.11.2016 22:42 fruviad wrote:
(This comment made at Dlvl 93, Clvl 50)

This is deeper than I can typically get before something kills me. I'm a bit surprised I'm still alive, actually. I'm one of those who has played for years but never killed Morgoth.

My weapon selection has been a bit thin for this character. I'm using a Holy Avenger Blade of Chaos (damage ranging from 211-323.5/round, depending on what I'm fighting) and wishing I had something beefier.

On 12.11.2016 21:15 fruviad wrote:
Well, I was doing pretty well until I accidentally hit twice while clearing a screen message, thus blowing my chance to heal.

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