The Angband Ladder: Slugburz, Tonberry Blue-Mage by murphy

Posted on 29.10.2016 17:41
Last updated on 30.10.2016 14:01

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On 29.10.2016 17:49 murphy wrote:
hmm is tonberry blue mage a sensible combo? only one way to find out. its going well so far, but im taking it really slow

enjoying the dasai randart courtesy of wormtongue. found the artifact pebble early too, i think it was on the floor in stronghold. im actually finding it useful this game

On 30.10.2016 14:03 murphy wrote:
lot of spellcasters on the level i could learn from, a mindcrafter, and clairvoyant, and a whole pack of dark elven warlocks. unfortunately they all tried to teach me at the same time

On 30.10.2016 17:07 krazyhades wrote:
Hey! Teacher! Leave those @s alone!

On 30.10.2016 17:21 krazyhades wrote:
also I wonder if dwarf would be decent? They get a little bit of damage shaved off of magical spells IIRC (5% mr or something?) no that that would have saved you here, but seems like synergy.

On 31.10.2016 02:07 Shadowdweller wrote:
Yeah, never EVER take on a pack of dark elven warlocks at once. Unless maybe you have reflection AND you can kill them all in a round or two. Since they have mana bolt and reflection sometimes fails.

On 31.10.2016 08:32 murphy wrote:
@krazyhades hehe! and wow dwarf sounds like a good idea

@Shadowdweller in this case it wasnt bravado, but a ?teleport that put me right in the middle of them. but ive just noticed that in my recent dumps, dark elven warlocks have gotten a few tombstone inscriptions. so its clear that im not being careful enough around them!

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