The Angband Ladder: Lemnar, Half-Troll Mage by ranger jeff

Posted on 8.10.2016 18:06
Last updated on 9.10.2016 18:04

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3. on the Competition No.194 Ladder (of 14)


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On 8.10.2016 18:06 ranger jeff wrote:
Started too cautiously, trying to not play ironman but climbing back up from 3, then read an unID'd ?Deep Descent down to 9 from 3, got into trouble on 9 and had to read another ?Deep Descent down to 14 or 15. Managed to survive and take out a few uniques, getting a helm of ESP in the bargain! Nice! As long as I'm already way behind on turns, might as well climb back out one last time with my 16k gold...

And the armory has boots of speed +5 for 11k! Yay! ?Deep Descent back down for the last time...

On 9.10.2016 18:04 ranger jeff wrote:
Ugh fire breathers. Was down to my last copy of book 2 and had to avoid them for a while, think I better keep avoiding them...

And yes I'm going slow. Need more stat gain. So many dangerous monsters in the 40's, especially when they get pulled up OOD. Eol keeps itching for a fight, not gonna happen any time soon. A nice shield of resistance would come in handy, let me wear Caspanion.

On 10.10.2016 05:37 murphy wrote:
so is your speed is +5 from the boots and -2 from carrying stuff, hehe i am struggling myself figuring out how to keep my inventory from weighing me down

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