The Angband Ladder: Lemnar, Half-Troll Mage by PowerWyrm

Posted on 6.10.2016 13:49
Last updated on 10.10.2016 16:08

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On 6.10.2016 13:49 PowerWyrm wrote:
Let's give this char a try... although I won't probably have the time to complete it, as my spare time is currently low.

Half-troll mage is one of my favorite combo. Usually I go for more STR/DEX and less CON to be able to melee more, but this will have to do. Sustain STR and regen are the key feats here: fast mana regeneration means your mana pool is virtually double of what it is at start, and you don't care about getting too much slowed by strength drainers. Since no_recall option is on, I'll play this one as an ironman character -- cash is already squelched, bought a few CLW/phase/rations/torches/flasks and the 2nd book, and down we go! Didn't care about Maggot in town, as other posts stated that he only carries a bunch of useless bolts.

Got a good start: enchanted dagger, ego sling, and plenty of pebbles to backup Magic Missile for damage. We'll see how this one goes.

On 6.10.2016 16:23 PowerWyrm wrote:
Deep Descent found at 950ft (read unIDed), to put character at an uncomfortable depth of 1200ft. Found my first artifact (Hithlomir from Lagduf). Problem now is to deal with -3 speed (got a few speed pots in case of emergency) and find book #3 for ID (RNG has been kind till now with good supplies of scroll piles, but now I got none left). Good melee weapon/shooter have been valuable to conserve mana and dive faster till now, but I fear this will change soon with bump of monster difficulty.

On 6.10.2016 23:30 PowerWyrm wrote:
Finally at stat gain depth and still slow -3. Now not only you need to manage your fights carefully, but also your inventory. Got books up to #5, should make things a bit easier.

On 7.10.2016 15:48 PowerWyrm wrote:
Time to resume this character, as today is probably the day when I'll have the most time to play. Epic battle vs the pirate twins (where I blessed the moment I decided to keep a few rods of curing in my inventory), followed by another epic battle vs a wereworm. In fact, all battles are almost epic at these depths... and you have to throw everything you got at your enemies.

Made good progress at stat gain, when Lokkak dropped both Eorlingas and Thorin. Unfortunately, my cherished maul of EA will have to go, as Eorlingas does the same amount of damage vs evil and it's 20lb of dead weight. For the same reason, Taratol has to be left behind (don't think imm elec is worth another 20lb of weight). Soon after, a giant was kind to drop some speed boots, so at +7 I'm starting to feel comfortable. Next step: boost that INT to lower fail rates on the B&B spells like Haste and TO.

On 7.10.2016 19:32 PowerWyrm wrote:
Today's session is over. Now I have a pretty nice set of both equipped and swapped items. INT is maxed, HPs are decent, melee/missile/spell/device damage is fine (the absurd Buckland sling helps a ton of course as long as you can keep shots to feed it). Didn't find a single ego cloak yet, and more I think of it, this has been the case in many games (cloak drops too rare?)... but the rest is fine.

On 8.10.2016 16:33 PowerWyrm wrote:
My first GV at 2600' yielded some gear improvements: Belthronding, Barahir, better Magi crown and better speed boots. Plus Raal's, although Acid Bolt still currently has the best mana/dam ratio until Meteor fail rate goes down. Now inventory management has become a real problem, if I wish to keep all supplies and swap items. I'm thinking of keeping Haradrim and Eorlingas, since they are endgame items, and crown of telepathy + Hithlomir as a rNether/ESP swap over Thalkettoth/Magi, but that fills the backpack completely. And there are 3 more books down there...

On 8.10.2016 20:16 PowerWyrm wrote:
Another session ends. Pack full with goodies and no clear idea what's the best combination. ESP swap is now on an amulet, speed is great without a ring, INT and CON are maxed, got a nice amount of supplies (minus the damn wands and staves that keep getting burned or blown up by recharge). The only problem is the 50k turncount, which is already past the mark for a regular win. Oh well...

On 10.10.2016 00:32 PowerWyrm wrote:
Very short dive today, and more headaches concerning inventory management. Usually, all those last arts would have gone into the Home, but here they'll have to be left behind. Glaive of Pain does 329 vs all, much better than Eorlingas now. I'll swap CON/speed rings until I can get CON maxed somehow without having to use a ring.

On 10.10.2016 10:16 PowerWyrm wrote:
No idea what to do with this absurdity:

v) a Sling of Buckland (x4) (+23,+22) <+3, +2>
Found lying on the floor in a vault at 3950 feet (level 79)

+3 dexterity.
+2 shooting speed.
+2 shooting power.
Cannot be harmed by acid, fire.

One more multiplier and shot than Belthronding...

On 10.10.2016 11:43 PowerWyrm wrote:
p) an Emerald Ring of Speed <+23>
Found lying on the floor in a vault at 4450 feet (level 89)

+23 speed.

30 seconds after finding boots of Feanor!!!

On 10.10.2016 11:47 PowerWyrm wrote:
Now the real headache... I have +23 base speed WITHOUT that ring (using double +5 INT/CON to get both over 18/200) and enough supplies for the endgame, but this means finding Kelek's quickly and using well subpar items in many slots. Last 10 levels will set the outcome...

On 10.10.2016 12:10 PowerWyrm wrote:
Switched around a couple items to get max INT/CON and all resists/protections while keeping speed over +20. This is clearly a winnable setup if I find Kelek.

On 10.10.2016 15:09 PowerWyrm wrote:
Found Kelek on DL97, then dove to DL99 to take on Sauron. The bastard is summoning uniques like mad, so I'll have to do a little boss gauntlet before killing him.

On 10.10.2016 15:38 PowerWyrm wrote:
Took down Feagwath with something like 20 pebbles of slay evil... fear the mighty Sling of Buckland!

And Sauron is dead. I'll give Morgoth a try, should barely have enough supplies, but it'll have to do.

On 10.10.2016 15:50 PowerWyrm wrote:
Morgoth is at half health, while my supplies of heals is 50% depleted (still got 9 *heals*), as well as all my pebbles of slay evil, so it's time to stand on a glyph and spam Manastorm. Don't think I'll run out of restore mana, so I'll probably won't use the Glaive of Pain. Oh well...

On 10.10.2016 16:08 PowerWyrm wrote:
Went as planned. It helps a lot saving heals when standing on a glyph, and with enough mana pots, you can pretty much banish/mass banish everything that comes out of Morgoth's sleeve, except uniques that get TOed away or *destructed*. Usually I have more than 5 heals at the end of the fight, but it worked...

On 10.10.2016 16:35 ranger jeff wrote:
Wow congrats on the quick dive! Must be odd to find what's likely the best RoS you've ever found and not use it. What's the probability of +23?!?

On 10.10.2016 20:48 MattB wrote:
Congrats on your win, sir.

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