The Angband Ladder: Taltanoch II, Skeleton High-Mage by Shadowdweller

Posted on 5.10.2016 05:50
Last updated on 7.10.2016 07:00

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1280. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
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On 5.10.2016 05:50 Shadowdweller wrote:
Thought I'd try one of these. Have to admit, I'm pretty impressed. This is one of the most unique -band classes I think I've ever played. I'm still trying to discern the use of Curse Weapon. Does in interact with future spells? Do hex-mages gain some sort of bonus with cursed weapons? Does it create morgul blades past a certain level? Hmm..Anyway, Some key early finds included an early shield of reflection, on a class likely to use it. And a worn-ided heavily cursed elemental amulet, which fortunately only had dex and stealth penalties on it.

Skellies seem like an underappreciated race in PCB. They've got good resistances, health, and a deliciously low xp penalty. The potion thing is a bit annoying, but survivable.

That said, if I end up making another hex-mage, I'm prolly going to try sprite. The early speed boost seems like it would help outrunning enemies so the mass LOS damage spells can do their work. And MAYBE the range attack bonus might help get through the first, painful few levels when you are essentially forced to use wimpy mage melee or a marginally less wimpy wand of magic missile to kill things.

On 5.10.2016 08:52 Shadowdweller wrote:
...or not for ranged attacks, because evidently sprites have terrible bows skills in PCB.

On 5.10.2016 09:03 Shadowdweller wrote:
Meng Huo came equipped with (in close proximity) a Wormtongue and a Robin Hood. All melted pretty easily before my chants. Robin Hood very kindly dropped his bow for me. Actually started upgrading my strength because low carrying capacity has been annoying. Undead groups like Crypt Creeps and Servants of Glaaki have been a pain to deal with, as they are immune to my damage chants and healthy enough to take a few arrows each. Looking forward to finding a branded weapon or at the very least an undead slaying weapon.

On 5.10.2016 13:32 wrote:
Regarding 'Curse weapon,' certain spells gain benefits if your equipped weapon is cursed.

On 5.10.2016 14:10 krazyhades wrote:
This class is notoriously difficult, but it does have some really cool ideas in it. Most people who have tried have reached "the end of patioence" to use one of the game's amusing spelling-fails, but I'm happy to see another attempt going.

On 6.10.2016 02:55 Shadowdweller wrote:
Got the Swords to Runeswords spell. Vorpal isn't that fantastic compared to the mana cost. Hope it maybe gets better later on. Latest finds: Auto-Id Helm of Knowledge, damned handy. +1 speed least offsets encumbrance penalties a bit. Presently taking a detour to squeeze the full amount of money from Dasai, which I got from an orc unique. The massive armor bonus is nice, but not QUITE worth the aggravates IMHO.

On 7.10.2016 07:05 Shadowdweller wrote:
Hmm...maybe Tonberry next time around? Tragic flaw with the Inhail (sic) Potion can't use it if you've got the max number of chants up :(

On 8.10.2016 01:34 Shadowdweller wrote:
Urk...wasn't expecting QUITE that stupid of a death. Damage chants up, fighting Red Helm in the labyrinth. I guess I either didn't notice that he was outpacing me or he managed to get off a double-round of attacks. Either way...lights out.

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