The Angband Ladder: Fringes, Draconian Blue-Mage by murphy

Posted on 2.10.2016 04:49
Last updated on 3.10.2016 21:17

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On 2.10.2016 04:53 murphy wrote:
looks like blue magic is still missing from the character dump in 5.0.2

fire ball from an arch-vile, and elemental breaths have been my most effective spells. there was a chaos mushroom in orc cave that i let breathe toxic waste all over me, i finally learned the spell but my stats got all scrambled, so i'm not sure it was worth it!

now i might have to rely on some hand to hand combat until i can get my int back up again.

On 2.10.2016 23:46 murphy wrote:
let a gho-peh chase me all around the map, learned 3 spells! breathe frost, frost ball, and ice bolt

On 3.10.2016 17:16 krazyhades wrote:
>Intentionally getting messed up by toxic waste for science
I strongly endorse your bravery.

And ice bolt is sweet.

On 3.10.2016 21:20 murphy wrote:
thanks :-)

in lonely mountain, I teleported away from the horde and friends, but ended up in the middle of a swarm of bats. i was trying to flee but it looks like there was a flea in the way. what kind of hero cant get past a flea?

On 4.10.2016 16:38 krazyhades wrote:
Bats of gorgoroth....those can be so rough. Shockingly tanky for their depth and letter, fast, have range and melee, blind with darkness, fairly high ac...hey at least they're not as annoying as chaos tiles


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