The Angband Ladder: HocusPocusBoy, Kobold Mage by Egavactip

Posted on 22.9.2016 04:02

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On 22.9.2016 04:02 Egavactip wrote:
This was probably one of the most powerful characters I've ended up with. I don' t think I have ever had a character with all his stats at 18/***, with every resistance, with 3/4 immunities, with very high speed, and with a 246 or so AC. Plus, this character found one of the best bows I have ever seen. Even though i was a mage, I was able to take out Ungoliant using nothing but arrows very easily. By the end game I was leaving awesome artifacts on the floor left and right because they couldn't really do anything for me. The character's only weakness was the perennial mage weakness of hit points. But the final battles were both very easy, which they damn well should have been for a character like this. Oh, the other weakness he had was a distinct lack of stat protecting items. But in practice this was not a problem at all, as I lost very few stats all game long. I carried along a rod of restoration with me for ages but i never used it once. On those few occasions when I did lose a stat, I would either level up quickly or conveniently find a stat potion. I guess having a nearly 300 AC with shield cast helps you keep your stats.

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