The Angband Ladder: Jianyu, Old One Naturalist by clouded

Posted on 18.9.2016 12:51
Last updated on 19.9.2016 12:21

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7488. on the Ladder (of 18807)
86. on the Steamband Ladder (of 318)
196. for this player (out of 264)


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On 18.9.2016 12:54 clouded wrote:
This was a really fun start. Old Ones have drain exp, so the beginning requires aggressive play to be able to get anywhere. I stormed up pretty quickly to around level 42 and was struggling to survive, but a quaff-ID of a charm potion sent me to level 18. Now it seems like the drain is fairly insignificant, not sure it scales much.

On 18.9.2016 21:03 clouded wrote:
Up to depth 26, steamband can go really quick. I'd say it's not all that much longer than sil.

On 18.9.2016 23:39 clouded wrote:
1625 HP, 570 WP, 1126 SP, (+103,+118) to melee. Yeah

On 19.9.2016 12:22 clouded wrote:
Only infinite genocide makes the last 15 levels tolerable. My damage was pretty good I guess? I could punch out King Kong in 4 turns but rock agwas took 30, balance

On 19.9.2016 15:05 debo wrote:
The book names are really great.

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