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Posted on 4.9.2003 00:52
Last updated on 24.9.2003 23:39

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On 4.9.2003 00:52 wrote:
(dlvl 750-850 lvls 21-24) Ghen Ten! Woo hoo, double digits! Found the elvenkind cloak at lvl 17 in the armory, had to sell everything in my house up til then to buy it LOL. then about 10 minutes later I found the shield.. Woops! Ok, well the blind resist is really cool.. and stealth helps alot ;) All in all, I'd call this a somewhat lucky start. Hopefully I can find a light *slay* weapon soon for more stats, but I think I'm going to cautiously drop to 1000' since I'm starting to run away from some fights.

On 6.9.2003 03:06 wrote:
(dlvl 1400 lvl30) Wow, finally 30.. Usually I've scummed a rod of recall out of the BM by now, but since I got Mr. M's escapes somewhat early I decided to wait.. Man, was that a bad idea.. I had to stash recall scrolls all over a level to make sure they didn't get burned, melted, or stolen and I hung around 900' for a really long time because fire hounds start there :P My INT is rediculus and it doesn't work very well with my battle mage playstyle but oh well. The weapon was too good not to wield even though its really heavy. So now its time to raise my stats!

On 7.9.2003 01:07 wrote:
(1700' lvl33) I somehow drew +11 in stealthy equipments on this char along with 3 blind resists LOL. My SP *almost* gained more than my HP, but then I found a whole bunch of con potions, so I stopped worrying. Also, I replaced my str3 ring with a con3.. Sold my 4d4 westernesse battle axe :( that was a mistake, selling too quick.. I wanted to save that a while for sentamental reasons. Good thing I saved that aquirement scroll til this dlvl too, got me balli's. Now I need to flex out my resists big time, a Greater Basilisk in a vault made me realize how much I like nexus 4x in a row after teleporting and healing.

On 7.9.2003 01:09 wrote:
Oh, and also turning off the disturbance option for all monsters and just leaving the visual monsters keeps the telepathy from driving oneself insane...

On 7.9.2003 05:45 wrote:
(1800' lvl35) I got my wish, nexus resist ;) and only had to trade 2 stealth lol.. Got my other wish too, +8 speed ring, yay! I'm having lots of wierd fights, like when the death knight summoned a great crystal drake.. or when I tried fighting Mim with magic missle..

On 7.9.2003 20:44 wrote:
(2050' lvl 38) looks like 38 is the magic level for maxing your stats.. this is my fastest char to 1500 but still it takes until level 38.. Finally I found a bow to use, and I've enchanted my shield up to +11 lol. Mim died really easy to chaos strike, 4 shots.. what a spell! It polymorphs stuff that can be, and damages what it can't plymorph.. other than that, I don't know what else it does but its a perfect unique killer.. I just wish someone with the knowlege could update the magic.spo file for the new books.

On 10.9.2003 16:46 wrote:
(2500' lvl 40) I need to dump to look over my equipment, but I don't think I can change anything. I cleared out a greater vault, the diamond shaped one, but it was a really lame haul :P there just aren't many items or monsters in that one. The armor merchant finally got away from 5k max so I got to clean house.

On 11.9.2003 22:01 wrote:
(2850' lvl 43) Going a bit slower than my last character I think, which is because of my lack of nether and chaos resists.. I'm a resist freak since I run very vast around the dungeon and do lots of stupid things :)

The full plate armor looses 10sp and gains 64hp when worn since it brings me to 18/200 con. I loose fear ressist and but have double nexus with the boots.. I think I'm going to keep it on for now, I'm hoping to find *any* boots in the near future (knock on wood) Having both high end spellbooks is so great! I've never managed it before, but it makes life so much easier..

On 13.9.2003 15:23 wrote:
(3150' lvl 46) Phear my +1 boots of speed! This char is definitely not as lucky as GhenIX but he does know how to stay away from bad guys.. Now this is my highest level character, and I haven't had any scary moments in a long time :) Now I just need to find where the GV's are hiding, I've only seen the one described above so far.. Sarumon is still floating around the levels somewhere, and I haven't been able to kill a greater titan yet, but other than that its smooth sailing.

On 13.9.2003 21:48 wrote:
{3250' lvl48) RNG gave me nether resist on a elven shield, traded away from light/dark :) Now I'm not so scared to go deeper, there isn't much high damage chaos breathers yet but I'm not really sure whats out there that can kill me. anyone? I'm really hurting on equipment, I need new cloak, gloves, boots, and shooting weapon really bad and I wouldn't mind a new main weapon.. So far I've gotten everything I asked for soon after, lets see what I can do now ;) I've killed every non-unique 'D' I've seen so far except for the Wyrm of many colors..
Oh, Gabriel is great for farming :) just let him summon angels, teleport away and use Rend Soul. Mana storm is down to about 30% fail, so I've started using that to clear Giant Pits which works very well. It also helped me kill a lesser titan in short order.

On 14.9.2003 19:12 wrote:
(3450' lvl50) 50!! First Ever!!! Got a couple new pieces of equip, just like i asked for ;) Also, I saw my first green dragon pit, wow.. that was insane! I used my staff of dispel evil to wipe out everything but ancients and wyrms, then killed a few ancients before banishing the wyrms. I've never been this deep before, so I'm being extremely careful but everything seems to be dying ok :)

On 15.9.2003 16:31 wrote:
Why are you wearing Isildur instead of Caspanion??? Only thing you get from Isildur is resSound. I would much rather play carefully and get the extra int and con.

Definitely be watching for Thorin, Thranduil, and some better boots.

On 17.9.2003 01:21 wrote:
(4050' lvl50) Finally, my second greater V. and look what I have to show for it! BLAH ;)
I had Maeglin on the ropes with chaos strike, but then he summoned uniques on me (which I didn't know he could do lol) and ruined everything! The next time I found him alone he was back up to half HP :( so I just banished everything in the vault and ran through finding nothing but a couple keleks etc. I found cubragol earlier today which is very nice.

On 17.9.2003 01:24 wrote:
You're absolutely right. *smacks forehead* on goes caspanion! I've been staring at it forever..

On 17.9.2003 23:23 wrote:
(4100' lvl50) I got the ring of power nenya, so I switched that, erebor, and elessar for my former kit of balli's, con+6 ring, and Ingwe. both my int and con are 18/200 so they don't need to be higher, and I figure that heal500 is a better Activate than dispel evil, no matter how much fun it is ;) plus I get to keep my speed ring this way since erebor gives enough con :)

On 19.9.2003 07:40 wrote:
cool, your *kobold* mage will kill morgoth :)

On 20.9.2003 03:24 wrote:
(5000' lvl50) Sauron is dead, and I'm geared up for the final battle. I tried to fight him once, but I didn't even knock a star off :) Here I go!

On 24.9.2003 02:25 wrote:
(5050' 50) Alright!!!! Took 3 tries, but he went down! I had to walk around 4950' until I got enough potions, I also found a couple rods of healing which helped a bit, and the palintir which lowered my mana storm to 14%. That helped alot! He went down in about 10 restore mana potions using mana storm, teleport other, and banishment. That was definitely worth the travel down ;) My goal now is to get double the gold I currently have, lets see how far THAT lasts LOL.

On 24.9.2003 15:55 wrote:
What uniques did you have left at the end? Any? What happened the other 2 tries against Morgy that forced you to abandon the fight?

Congratulations! What race/class is next?

On 24.9.2003 23:39 wrote:
All the good uniques are still out there, ringil, soulkeeper, bladeturner, the 15 speed boots.. the +3 all ring.. Still alot to look for, I haven't retired yet. The first time I fought morgy I thought holy bolts would do more damage than they did (around 200) so I backed off scared. The second time I ran out of restore mana potions as I only had 7 or so. I used 13 the third time along with about 10 *heal*/life potions and my 2 healing rods.. Next I plan to try out EyAngband or TOME, when I come back to Angband it will be most likely a hobbit or kobold Priest. Annd.. Since I'm writing all this I might as well dump ;)

(5500' and falling fast to the bottom) I'm deep in the dungeon, so this is a look at the tipical stuff I bring back home.. I've found an extraordinary increase in EXP potions after level 100.. a normal pit of monsters usually leaves one or two and I might find 1-3 elsewhere in the level. The palantir reduces EXP at an extremely slow rate so its definitely worth keeping for the enlightenment Activate and the extra int for mana storming. I don't plan on putting morgy's hat on soon, maybe in the distant future.

On 3.1.2004 07:18 wrote:
dude your sic. a kobald mage winner?!? i cant even win with a high nice one:)

On 23.1.2004 20:25 wrote:
Go kobolds!

On 27.6.2007 13:07 wrote:
Am I crazy?
Crazy for KOBOLDS!
What was my favorite MMO?
DAoC of course! Kibbi power, go Midgard!

I've been thinking about angband for a good 3 years now.. I thought about going to a variant like ToME or so.. but home is where the heart is ;) GhenXI will take a while to create (a while being 'months' probably) but he will exist! Definitely something magical, rogue/ranger/mage, but I haven't decided yet ;)

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