The Angband Ladder: Garden III, Gnome no-class by wobbly

Posted on 3.9.2016 20:14
Last updated on 4.9.2016 14:58

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6. on the Competition No.192 Ladder (of 11)


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On 3.9.2016 20:14 wobbly wrote:
Having 1 last go. Oath of Iron is the only truly righteous way to gnome mage.

On 3.9.2016 22:41 wobbly wrote:
Hmm I don't seem to get recharge w/essence on a warrior though I still can write the scroll w/alchemy

On 4.9.2016 02:42 wobbly wrote:
Ok now I do have recharge. odd.

On 4.9.2016 14:16 wobbly wrote:
Almost blew myself up like a good little alchemist.

Swapped to crossbow & sword which was a bit of a pain but combined with some stat gains gets me a 3rd blow.

On 4.9.2016 14:58 wobbly wrote:
Deadski, that's me done for the comp, though I'll probably start another sangband character just not a gnome

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