The Angband Ladder: Garden II, Gnome no-class by hjklyubn

Posted on 3.9.2016 19:43
Last updated on 15.9.2016 07:30

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On 3.9.2016 23:43 hjklyubn wrote:
One nice thing about a Sangband comp is if you die, you can try out a different build on your next attempt. Since red spells were not very effective for killing dudes last game, I started this one with a spear and crossbow, which was much easier. Decided to take red spells again for utility magic (and to eventually check out the spells I didn't get to last game, hopefully). Quests forced me into leaning heavily on magic devices, so now I have ended up with a pretty similar build to my last game aside from better melee and crossbows. Currently the crossbows skill feels a bit wasted, but I'm hoping it will pay off when I encounter monsters I can't deal with with magic devices.

Colbrans were by far the hardest quest so far. I didn't realize they were fast, and their blinking towards you makes it hard to escape and spend a few turns recovering mid-fight.

On 3.9.2016 23:46 hjklyubn wrote:
I quick-started this character from the previous one, since otherwise I would recognize item flavors, which is somewhat important with Sangband's use-id. But it means the shop layout and starting inventories are different, so I should probably just suicide this character (hi debo).

On 3.9.2016 23:48 ranger jeff wrote:
Ugh, Time vortices...

And don't you need the Magical Infusion skill to find essences to make fancy bows? I've started like 8 characters so far, but just aborted the one that's gotten the farthest, didn't like how the build was working (throwing skill maxed, good damage until you run out of ammo, heavy/slow, inventory slots of ammo, no melee, spells still not killing enough, and way too many turns.) This time around I'm considereing Craft Armor, and I thought I also needed Magical Infusion...?

But seriously the start for this character is brutal! My first time with S, so.

On 4.9.2016 00:56 wobbly wrote:
The restart isn't going to bother me & your not going to beat elliptic's turn-count, I doubt anyone else will care.

On 4.9.2016 01:26 hjklyubn wrote:
Yeah not looking forward to the next quest.

I think if you have high enough bowmaking skill then you get some fancy things on your bows, you just don't get to pick what they are unless you use magical infusion. So far I haven't had enough skill to get anything other than a basic bow, so it hasn't really been useful.

At the start I usually focus entirely on the relevant offensive skill(s) until they reach 15-20 or so, then add in a couple other important skills like perception and spell resistance. It shouldn't be too terribly hard if you don't spread yourself too thin though Sangband is definitely a lot slower than, say, modern Vanilla.

On 4.9.2016 02:46 hjklyubn wrote:
I got +6 speed boots from a chest from a player ghost, and with that combined with being able to (usually) one-shot a time vortex with a wand, the quest wasn't so bad at all.

On 4.9.2016 23:26 ranger jeff wrote:
Does perception take care of see invisible? And not much mana...

On 7.9.2016 01:40 hjklyubn wrote:
I only really cast spells like haste, elemental resistance, phase door, etc. with just enough bolt of fire on fleeing monsters to keep the skill training cost down. Plus I can use the drain MP spell on one of my stacks of rods in a pinch. I see my MP skill is really low though so I should train that up some, yeah.

There are a few invisible monsters I can't detect with ESP or infravision, but they die to melee or fireflash so they haven't been a big problem so far. I'm not sure what they are, exactly :)

On 8.9.2016 23:39 hjklyubn wrote:
Managed to complete a 42 Time hound quest without ever getting breathed on thanks to ASCs and wand splash damage, but I don't think that will work on Jabberwocks...

On 9.9.2016 16:23 ranger jeff wrote:
Yeah, you might want to pause and search for some rChaos on 57-58 before trying 59...

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