The Angband Ladder: Garden, Gnome no-class by elliptic

Posted on 2.9.2016 05:21
Last updated on 3.9.2016 16:39

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On 2.9.2016 05:21 elliptic wrote:
Decided to try to get a speedier start by using more non-magic and diving a little more quickly. I suffered through the first two quests using just melee and throwing and was fortunate enough to be rewarded with a potion of wisdom - effectively a potion of experience, since quaff-IDing it was worth about 1000 xp, a lot for that level. I used this experience to transition into necromancy, so now this char looks a lot like my previous one.

I didn't find anything particularly good until I found Nevrast under a rock on my last trip down. Now if only I could find a better weapon... good weapons seem rather scarce until later.

Also, my last quest rewarded me with a potion of detonations, which I promptly quaff-IDed (expecting a stat gain potion). This fortunately wasn't fatal, since it just put me to 10 HP and mortally wounded and I had potions, but it was somewhat scary...

On 3.9.2016 16:39 elliptic wrote:
Died to carelessness while dispelling a troll pit - getting hit by multiple boulders in a turn hurts a lot. I'm not going to start another char, so hopefully my winner with the mediocre turncount is good enough.

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