The Angband Ladder: Dumberdorf, Half-Troll High-Mage by murphy

Posted on 30.8.2016 17:54
Last updated on 31.8.2016 16:03

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On 30.8.2016 18:00 murphy wrote:
half troll hexer! really feeble to start the game, spent a long time at 50' and didnt descent further until gaining level 4. two of maggot's dogs dropped amulets! my favorite is the one with +3 int, and rFear and FA.

took some patience but killed smeagol with poison mist, and he dropped a short bow with enough plusses (+18,+6) that even a half troll hexer could hit things with it. saved up enough money to buy a stack of teleport scrolls, and headed for angband

the angband level 6 guardian, tough opponent since he resists poison. i would buff up, knock 2 or 3 stars off him and teleport away, kept repeating that procedure until he was dead. he dropped a cloak of cowardice that i did not have much use for

On 30.8.2016 18:01 murphy wrote:
^the borshin was the angband level 6 guardian

On 30.8.2016 18:04 murphy wrote:
orc cave level 16 found a nature ego tulwar. not effective at melee yet, but it has +1 int and boosts my regeneration to 300%. and sense animals is useful at these depths too since hounds are around

On 31.8.2016 04:53 murphy wrote:
wormtongue dropped the dasai randart, its got resists all over the place!

cleared orc cave. but i met my match against mime the nibelung in icky cave. he disenchanted my sling, and i couldnt hurt him with spells, so I just ran away.

got swords to runeswords spell but it isnt very useable yet. im not very good at fighting and not that many spell points either. the sling does fair damage but im not accurate enough to hit high AC. guess i need to up my stats, all of them really!

On 31.8.2016 11:05 wrote:
There a particular reason that you've chosen a half-troll?

On 31.8.2016 11:11 wrote:
Also, have you considered quaffing !Heroism and using 'Evily blessing' to boost your to-hit?

I notice that you've not tried 'Extra might,' too.

On 31.8.2016 11:13 wrote:
Actually, never mind about 'Extra might.' Not quite sure why I thought that it was untried.

On 31.8.2016 16:09 murphy wrote:
half troll gets regeneration and I figured it would be good at melee. I figured the early game would be difficult, but i'd give it a try. it turned out to be my most successful hexer to date! which isnt saying that much :-(

patience is the s[ell i never bothered with. my previous attempts i could never figure out how to use it

i was holding my own in lonely mountain, until i ?phased right next to that law drake, which i had never detected, oops

On 31.8.2016 17:47 wobbly wrote:
Berserk is also one of the easier ways to get reasonable melee damage though I have a suspicion the barbarian would work better. Less terrible SPs & innate fear resistance.

Patience is some sort of retaliation? Stand next to something when it ends should do some sort of ball damage.

On 31.8.2016 20:01 wrote:
'Patience' requires that you take damage after you activate it, and does damage equal to what you took (I think) when it ends.

I think the damage type is hellfire? I know it can destroy certain objects when it goes off.

If you're looking for good melee, the absolute best races for that are half-giant, half-titan, and ares-parentage demigods. Of those, half-titans get the best HPs, and ares spawn get the 'Berserk' power.

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