The Angband Ladder: Garden, Gnome no-class by wobbly

Posted on 30.8.2016 14:39
Last updated on 2.9.2016 18:26

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On 30.8.2016 14:39 wobbly wrote:
Got 1 to start again. Might try nursing it a bit more. Some sort of Gnome rogue again.

Never sure how many skills I can get away with in Sangband.

On 31.8.2016 07:55 wobbly wrote:
What the? Slayer of a lvl 21 water vortex. That was from a miscast detect door. At least it was worth a heap of xp

On 31.8.2016 11:18 wobbly wrote:
Don't know if the special feel on the level was the bones level or whether there's still an artifact

On 31.8.2016 16:37 elliptic wrote:
Artifacts don't seem to cause special feelings on this save (perhaps a preserve mode thing). I think all of my special feelings were either from a player ghost or scroll of questing.

On 31.8.2016 20:23 wobbly wrote:
Took this quest way to early & not sure whether to just abandon. I've took down 3 of the young blacks but the rest seem to be paired off & 2 at a time is tricky unless I can somehow seperate them.

On 31.8.2016 21:26 wobbly wrote:
Oh, so I can leave & come back? That's handy to know

On 31.8.2016 23:04 wobbly wrote:
Oh, only temporarily though.. Went back down & finished them off with liberal use of sleeps & confuse. They've disolved my ?recalls though. If I starve after all this I'm going to be pissed.

On 2.9.2016 00:16 wobbly wrote:
Think I'm done for mage skills now. Nothing in the 3rd book looks useful to me & I probably have to start freezing some skills where they are.

On 2.9.2016 10:01 wobbly wrote:
Think I'd learn after doing the 1st hard quest, I remembered dark elf lords being worse in sangband, but not that bad. Eventually got them with acid bombs

On 2.9.2016 18:26 wobbly wrote:
Probably should of got perception higher before going lightless, a 2nd slinger snuck up on me.

May have another go later, not sure

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