The Angband Ladder: Garden III, Gnome no-class by t4nk

Posted on 30.8.2016 09:12
Last updated on 2.9.2016 17:32

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5. on the Competition No.192 Ladder (of 11)


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On 30.8.2016 09:12 t4nk wrote:
Third attempt, same build - karate and wizardy. Was also throwing boulders (as wobbly advised), but without training throwing.

On 30.8.2016 11:28 t4nk wrote:
Bullroarer dropped a good rapier, so now I confuse people and kill them.

On 31.8.2016 00:20 t4nk wrote:
What the...? Anyway, that's still the same Garden III...

On 31.8.2016 12:58 t4nk wrote:
I should probably stop doing quests for a white, they're pretty dangerous and take a lot of turns to complete.

On 1.9.2016 01:45 t4nk wrote:
Decided to take another quest, to stay ahead of wobbly :)

On 2.9.2016 09:25 t4nk wrote:
Guess I'll spend some time looking for stat potions on level 35 or so.

On 2.9.2016 15:13 t4nk wrote:
Confusion doesn't really work anymore, so I probably should use devices more actively.

On 2.9.2016 15:24 t4nk wrote:
Hmm... where did I get so much str?

On 2.9.2016 16:43 t4nk wrote:
Great. Now I'm in town and there are no recalls. And I still don't know how I got all that str.

On 2.9.2016 17:33 t4nk wrote:
Kind of glad it's over.

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