The Angband Ladder: Wingwalker, Barbarian Warlock by murphy

Posted on 29.8.2016 18:23

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On 29.8.2016 18:30 murphy wrote:
killed by my pet, he breathed and then the same turn i was thrown off him, into the breath area

i like the concept of this class, but it really wasnt going well. i never could get my riding skill to climb above "beginner" which means i was constantly getting thrown off my mount. i almost suspect its a bug somewhere in the skill calculation for this class. because my cavalry already would be "skilled" at riding by this point

On 29.8.2016 18:48 debo wrote:
What an amazing death.

On 29.8.2016 19:27 Shadowdweller wrote:
Hmm, I thought that wasn't...ever...supposed to happen in PCB. Takes a while even for cavalry, who start out with a mount, to train riding. Don't believe Dragon warlocks even start out at "beginner" level.

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