The Angband Ladder: Garden, Gnome no-class by t4nk

Posted on 26.8.2016 09:46
Last updated on 26.8.2016 11:46

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On 26.8.2016 09:46 t4nk wrote:
OK, I don't have "IQ of 120" so I only figured out how to learn spells after reading half of dungeon.c and half of cmd5.c. Maybe someone should post a brief guide on the forum...

On 26.8.2016 11:46 t4nk wrote:

On 26.8.2016 17:00 ranger jeff wrote:
This has been my experience so far, lol! Then I stopped and read through some Sangband ladder dumps to get some idea what the heck is going on.

On 27.8.2016 07:07 t4nk wrote:
I've read on the forum that learning some karate at the beginning helps to ease the pain, so I did that and indeed recommend it. Still, early game in Sangband sucks, at least with this character.

On 27.8.2016 12:32 wobbly wrote:
The easiest way to do the start is to ignore magic and throw bolders. Tunnel the rubble to get a bolder. Pick up magic later.

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