The Angband Ladder: Garden, Gnome no-class by wobbly

Posted on 25.8.2016 23:34
Last updated on 26.8.2016 18:59

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10. on the Competition No.192 Ladder (of 11)


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On 26.8.2016 10:03 wobbly wrote:
Some sort of rogue-alchemist, not really sure what I'm doing

On 26.8.2016 17:53 wobbly wrote:
You steal 42 gold from the Aimless-looking merchant.
You have angered the Aimless-looking merchant.
The Aimless-looking merchant offers to sell you a pretty ring. <2x>

Lesson learned, do not anger a merchant. Retribution will be swift & terrible.

On 26.8.2016 18:59 wobbly wrote:
Didn't pack enough ?teleport

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