The Angband Ladder: UnTallBoy1, Dwarf Warrior by Egavactip

Posted on 6.8.2016 17:46

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On 6.8.2016 17:46 Egavactip wrote:
A fairly quick ride with no huge bumps along the road. Got a good mid-game quality weapon fairly early, then two endgame quality weapons by mid-game, which made things much easier. Good thing, too, because I never found any weapons better than them. In fact, my gear was pretty stable from the mid-game on; the game did not have a ton of killer artifacts or, if it did, I did not get them. I did find, after killing Sauron, some Power Dragon armor, making it the third time in a row I found some, but alas, it did not have RNether, which only my current armor had, so I had to leave it there. Found a Rod of Speed in the mid-game, which was also good, as speed was hard to come by for some time. Got a lot of mass banishments, which made the final battle against Morgoth a bit easier.

On 6.8.2016 17:47 Egavactip wrote:
Just noticed, this had the lowest turn count, by far, of any of my 15 wins to date. Shows that it went very speedily.

On 7.8.2016 04:19 Estie wrote:
You can always take a look at the randarts after a game; also, why do you care about nether resistance ? The damage reduction from it is highly arbitrary, not reliable. It is about the last resistance I care about.

On 15.8.2016 22:44 Egavactip wrote:
I used to look at randarts after a game but did not find it very interesting to look at artifacts I did not and never would get.

I care about nether resistance because I have been negatively affected by it a lot.

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