The Angband Ladder: Jinx, Amberite High-Mage by murphy

Posted on 4.8.2016 05:46
Last updated on 7.8.2016 01:51

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1685. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
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On 4.8.2016 05:49 murphy wrote:
maybe im a little late to the party, but i wanted to try one of these hexers too.

took quite a few attempts to get this far. and still she's still pretty feeble! is there some advantage to having your weapon cursed?

On 4.8.2016 05:58 wobbly wrote:
Only if you have the swords to runeswords spell. That increases the damage of cursed weapons

On 4.8.2016 05:58 wrote:
When you get 'Swords to runeswords' in the second book, yeah.

On 4.8.2016 05:59 wrote:
And wobbly beat me to it.

On 4.8.2016 06:56 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Now, I see why there's a spell to 'Curse Weapon' in the first place.....

On 4.8.2016 15:41 murphy wrote:
i see, thanks to you both!

On 6.8.2016 20:35 murphy wrote:
proceeding with caution! finally cleared stronghold and found a cap of seeing. the rest of my armor and my weapon are kind of meh, but i might finally be ready to tackle the angband level 12 guardian, whoever that is, and also wormtongue and robin hood if im lucky enough to encounter them

On 7.8.2016 01:54 murphy wrote:
the sabre 'manabringer' sounds like something i would like! but im not sure it lives up to its name. +3 int is very nice, but with mana brand i think its as much of a mana drainer as a mana bringer

On 7.8.2016 04:14 murphy wrote:
jinx died on the bottom level of orc cave. she defeated azog, using !speed + !hero + evil blessing and shooting with the sling and ?phase when azog got close. after killing azog, she was defeated by lugdush. a battle in which i admit i was paying much less careful attention!

i failed to save the final char dump. she reached level 24, and added a ring of protection to her kit that azog dropped

On 7.8.2016 04:20 murphy wrote:
didnt get to try swords to runeswords, but with such low hp its hard to imagine going toe to toe with a tough opponent

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