The Angband Ladder: CrusaderBoy1, High-Elf Paladin by Egavactip

Posted on 27.7.2016 22:43

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On 27.7.2016 22:43 Egavactip wrote:
As the characters of the television show Arrested Development might say, "Well, this is a freebie." Pretty early on, this character found a Rod of Speed, followed by a Ring of Speed. A bit later, another Ring of Speed. This gave my character a great advantage in the early and mid games and I never really had any problems. As I progressed, more equipment fell my way and my character really became a speed demon. The kicker was a Power Dragon Armor of Speed +5, which allowed me to have all resistances, and a speed of +29 even after I dropped one of my rings of speed for a ring of damage.

The only weaknesses the character had was a weak bow (used for stats & abilities, not damage) and damage a bit lower than I would have liked (I swapped out my ring of damage for an artifact ring that did damage but not as much). This might have made the battle with Morgoth a bit tougher than otherwise, as he was not a cakewalk (in part because my runes of protection did not last). More uniques survived until the final battles than I had expected and they always seemed to end up in really annoying positions. Still, it all worked out in the end. Overall, from start to finish, perhaps my easiest victory--that early speed was really handy.

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