The Angband Ladder: Blulysses, Human Blue-Mage by murphy

Posted on 25.6.2016 08:26
Last updated on 29.6.2016 05:07

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12592. on the Ladder (of 18813)
1177. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
176. for this player (out of 245)


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On 25.6.2016 08:30 murphy wrote:
3 magic missile (novice ranger)
6 cause light wounds (novice paladin)
12 drain mana (bloodshot eye)
12 scare (novice mindcrafter)
13 slow (novice mindcrafter)
13 blind (novice mindcrafter)
14 summon monster (priest)
15 cause serious wounds (priest)

mostly killing stuff with high volume of magic missiles. had to run away from hobbes

On 27.6.2016 08:00 murphy wrote:
17 breathe lightning (baby blue dragon)
18 stinking cloud (wormtongue)
18 frost bolt (wormtongue)
18 breathe fire (baby red dragon)
20 sleep (illusionist)

failed angband level 12 quest. next time i'll try to remember to have see invisible before attempting it!

On 27.6.2016 17:15 murphy wrote:
22 breathe cold (giant white dragon fly)
22 lightning bolt (druid)
23 breathe poison (air hound)
24 breathe shards (earth hound)
25 arrow (quiver slot)
25 frost ball (frost giant)

bought this great harp from the black market, rBlind and rFear!

On 27.6.2016 17:33 wrote:
>>i'll try to remember to have see invisible

I usually carry !DetectInvisible until I have a permenant source of SeeInvis.

On 27.6.2016 17:34 wrote:
Also, what have been your main damage sources after the magic missiles?

On 27.6.2016 17:54 murphy wrote:
at clvl 25 i still favor magic missile when possible since they are so cheap! frost bolt and lightning bolt are reliable if i need more dam per round. just got frost ball and its fail rate is low enough (9%) i can put it to use right away!

elemental breaths fail rates are dropping, down to 30% now. when they drop a little more that will be my preferred attack spell!

On 27.6.2016 18:39 wobbly wrote:
I'm starting to wonder how well a cyclops works as a blue mage. The -int would be a pain, but good hps for breathe weapon & you have throw bolder if your spell points run out.

On 27.6.2016 20:43 murphy wrote:
could be interesting... but i really liked your draconian + metamorphosis blue mage idea. because my best blue mage (level 43) i felt like i started reaching depths where my spells werent doing enough damage to uniques

On 27.6.2016 21:30 wobbly wrote:
Amusingly I just checked the ladder & the only wins are a cyclops & a spectre (by chris) in Hengband. Anyway, carry on & good luck!

On 28.6.2016 07:59 murphy wrote:

25 teleport to (tengu)
25 breathe light (light hound)
27 fire ball (mario)

went up to zul hoping to check out the merchandise, but saw nothing i could afford. but i killed a mature green dragon while i was there, who dropped a rod of detection. which i'm really enjoying. so it was a fruitful trip after all!

On 29.6.2016 04:00 Nivim wrote:
How close do you think you are to learning a Time spell without dying?

(Also, does "teleport to" let you choose which monster to teleport to? Or is it actually teleport-other or teleport?)

On 29.6.2016 05:14 murphy wrote:
27 breathe dark (dark hound)
28 summon demon (ipsissimus)
28 mana bolt (dark elven warlock)
28 cause critical wounds (black knight)
28 fire bolt (fire elemental)

king koopa was outside my range when i cast detection, but my summons found him and must have gotten him angry, so he took it out on me. i didnt have resist fire. my armor was pretty crap really. i did get a speed ring from ubbo sathla

On 29.6.2016 05:20 murphy wrote:
i had a previous blue mage that learned breathe time. it does pretty good damage but the casting cost is very high. ive never got a blue mage far enough to encounter the stop time spell that dio brando uses. i dont know if its possible to learn it, but ive always hoped so!

"teleport to" lets you select a monster and bring it adjacent to you. i dont use it much but maybe i should.

On 29.6.2016 08:27 Nivim wrote:
Yeah, it sounds even better than I thought; you might be able to easily split uniques from their packs or counterparts.

Although I guess not with this character; RIP.

(Oh, and did 'Drain Mana' accomplish anything?)

On 29.6.2016 08:57 murphy wrote:
at this stage of the game its more effective to keep the uniques far away and hit them with distance spells. but with the later uniques that have scary entourages, like vecna or tiamat, yeah that might be a great strategy

drain mana heals you a little bit. for this character about 30hp. the cool thing is it wont wake a sleeping monster :-)

On 6.7.2016 20:02 wobbly wrote:
Re teleport to. Pretty sure Vecna's entourage tend to be teleport immune. Not sure about Vecna himself

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