The Angband Ladder: Rocketband, Demigod High-Mage by nikheizen

Posted on 10.6.2016 19:17
Last updated on 11.6.2016 04:32

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1192. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
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On 10.6.2016 19:17 nikheizen wrote:
Another attempt at the Chaos High Mage. This time with an Ordinary Demigod of Athena.

Having Demigod stats is already excellent (I can carry things!) And the mana pool isn't hurt too much either. Not being a disgusting mind flayer also means I can buy stuff.

Was *Heavy Wield*ing a Lance of Westernesse for a while. This tulwar has 1 less, pval, but doesn't weigh 30.0 god damn lbs.

My DLvl 24 boss is Jaian, which is a bit of a stopper. 1000 HP with 166 damage sound breath is... a little impassable at this point.

Demigods didn't have their XP modified, so this character picked up fast learner. I'm also using all the changes which I mentioned in my previous dumps.

On 11.6.2016 04:32 nikheizen wrote:
Fucking level 30 nether balls.

I don't think I like the no_wilderness gameplay very much. With the changes that got ported in from MPA to 4.0.2, the generation of occasional water levels is refreshing, but the quest levels can be really limiting, and a lot of monsters show up in spooky places.

Speaking of which, I can't recall ever seeing a Greater Mummy outside of the castle. The only time they appeared for me before was way out of depth (i.e. the Castle). Didn't realize that they are kind of insane for the depth they show up at.

On 12.6.2016 00:26 debo wrote:
I don't think no-wilderness is great for mages.

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