The Angband Ladder: Sokbol, Half-Troll Priest by Mars

Posted on 7.5.2016 00:37
Last updated on 15.5.2016 03:26

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4558. on the Ladder (of 18817)
1610. on the Angband Ladder (of 6403)
14. for this player (out of 53)


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On 7.5.2016 00:37 Mars wrote:
First char since ages, so I'm trying not to be too reckless. Started in the traps branch, now migrated to nightly build.

Ar Pharazon just dropped E?¶nw?«, nice improvement over Totila I had been using up until now.

On 15.5.2016 03:26 Mars wrote:
Not doing too shabby, pacing ever downwards. Sloppy play and lack of disenchantment resist sucks though. Found Just found Belthronding and a trickery amulet with rDisen, but wearing it drops my WIS below 18/200 causing 1% fail rates.

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