The Angband Ladder: elliptic, Tonberry Chaos-Warrior by elliptic

Posted on 3.4.2016 16:55

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On 3.4.2016 16:55 elliptic wrote:
I started a chaos-warrior partly because confusing lights at XL 40 sounded fun, but the fail rate and MP cost were bad enough that I didn't use it much when I got there. Mainly this was just a warrior with *destruction* spell, recharging, and good device skill in exchange for worse melee. I got lucky with a good randart Vilya (for this character - regular Vilya would still be better for most chars) and a nice selection of weapons, so my damage was pretty good at the end.

At one point in the Serpent fight I teleported away and waited for a while, but it didn't come to find me. Eventually I went back to where I had left it and it still wasn't there... I was concerned that it had deleted itself with an earthquake or something. However it turned out that it had just run away to a corner of the level. When I got close enough it came back towards me. It was behaving a little like it had the "maintain range" AI for a bit, but then it resumed normal behavior. I didn't try teleporting away again.

(As in previous games, played with MarvinPA's changes.)

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