The Angband Ladder: Onerag, Thunderlord Sorceror by <>

Posted on 16.8.2003 04:38
Last updated on 16.8.2003 18:31

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8268. on the Ladder (of 18814)
1470. on the ToME Ladder (of 3141)
Second best for this player (out of 5)


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On 16.8.2003 04:38 wrote:
I just managed to kill Ancalagon the Black, so I am really happy. A level 35 char killed him #Smiles# I love Mages! He was worth 150000 exp! Also just got the boots of Feanor, WAHOO!

On 16.8.2003 04:42 wrote:
There was Ancalagon, Glaurung AND Scatha all on the same level oh and Itangast!

On 16.8.2003 18:19 wrote:
I am doing a little better. Although all I really need and want now is a book of probability travel which I can't get ANYWHERE! A staff of restore mana would be rather nice too!

On 16.8.2003 18:31 wrote:
I got a Book of Translocation in a dungeon market so things are going great. I am thinking about killing the white balrog next!

On 18.8.2003 16:56 wrote:
Well, I have slain all of the main uniques in the dungeons. Off to kill Sauron now I suppose and see if I can get the one ring. Then off to Mount Doom to throw it into the pits of fire and destroy him forever. Sauron isnít a hard person to kill for a spellcaster I think. But then again Morgoth isnít either really.

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