The Angband Ladder: Sparky, Draconian Monk by murphy

Posted on 19.3.2016 04:51
Last updated on 20.3.2016 04:06

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13334. on the Ladder (of 18817)
1316. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
196. for this player (out of 245)


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On 19.3.2016 04:56 Nivim wrote:
Does the +attacks from the Thanos randart work for your melee? (Although I understand why you would prefer rConf and Con.)

On 19.3.2016 04:56 murphy wrote:
wow dreamy thanos randart gloves +1.5 attack! i cant wear them now because i need the glove slot for confusion resist. and maybe ill never get to wear them if i stick to my original plan and metamorphose at level 35

On 19.3.2016 04:57 murphy wrote:
they do!

On 20.3.2016 04:12 murphy wrote:
just took a stroll up to zul looking for a source of see invisible, which i had somehow gotten this far without. found a ring with resist blindness as a bonus!

even though my pack was loaded with merchandise, took a spontaneous detour over to anti magic cave on the way home, where judge mortis treated me rather unkindly. two breaths in one turn, -315 hp.

On 20.3.2016 04:19 murphy wrote:
two nice pairs of gloves and no other helpful artifacts this game

On 20.3.2016 04:47 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
You got gassed big time

On 20.3.2016 07:24 Nivim wrote:
Yeah, without any Poison resistance even just a couple ancient dragons could have done you in; half the items in your inventory are ones I would have been willing to swap out for Detect Monsters in some form.

Oh, also that awful speed. At DL40 most things are going to be faster than you.

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