The Angband Ladder: Hobbings, Hobbit Weaponmaster by Arjen

Posted on 15.2.2016 13:34
Last updated on 20.2.2016 16:12

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On 15.2.2016 13:34 Arjen wrote:
Got annoyed with the low damage of bowmaster, so I tried the sling master. He is so much more powerful, its not even funny anymore. He does around 2-3 times more damage than my bowmaster.

But he was very lucky too, finding Feanor at clvl 3 in CP and the OC had my Sling as reward. Still looking for a better Archery ring.

Just cleared the Dragon Cave with not too much trouble, the staff of healing was more than enough to kill Tiamat and a pack of 20 Ds with some wyrms in it.

And I think this is the first time I'm using my current light... Need it for chaos res. :) Had to drop a very nice +4 search/stealth poison res light with +4+6 combatpower. So... looking for chaos res in something else, hoping for an amulet.

Ow seeing now that I have enough nether res to drop my current weapon... Don't think I have res chaos weapons...

On 15.2.2016 16:20 Regalia wrote:
You don't seem to be using rapid shot + greater many shot much. Use it. Feel the real power of a slingmaster!

No, seriously, go feel it now. Then stop. That's too much power for any single player.

On 15.2.2016 19:13 murphy wrote:
feanor at clvl 3!! what does CP stand for?

On 15.2.2016 23:06 Arjen wrote:
*Clvl 36 Cloning Pits

On 15.2.2016 23:07 Arjen wrote:
Rapid shot is on, never thought to use combined... Need big ammostacks :)

On 16.2.2016 01:15 Arjen wrote:

Having more fun with the crowd killing skill. It works wonders on Z pack.

Actually found a sling who does more damage than my current. It has a bit lower xmight, but +0.75 shots. Still keeping this one for the speed and more importantly Dark res.

And actually slew my first Olympian. I had a nice shooting match I won.

On 16.2.2016 11:48 Arjen wrote:
Conquered Mount Olympus, tried to find the remaining Olympians but got bored after a while.

Couldn't resist the damage of my ego sling anymore and equipped it. So now I have 1111 damage with normal shots, and those flame ego's are just something else. It's my first stack of ego mithril shots and they finished the Shamblers of Zeus so fast. Which was just for fun as I have immu elec.

Really liking my stats and speed atm, I'm a lot more powerful than my xbow master so I'm not expecting too much trouble anymore (death flag raised!)

I like it how my melee weapon is around endgame damage with some really crappy to hit. But o well, it has nice stats and res sound.

So now it's time to find better gloves (+3) and a better ring. But more because I can than I need.

On 20.2.2016 16:12 Arjen wrote:

The last fight was pretty easy, the J never summoned anything, destructed the level when i entered it and waited for him to show up. Teleported once when he was in melee range and destructed the landingspot. He found me quick enough and I finished the job with my Flaming Bolts. Wanted to shoot his last star with the bolt of David, but forgot about it... Never used him as rapid shot was my main attack and you need like 8 shots for it to work.

Something strange/unlucky while diving down. Never found a single stack of Mithril Shots in Angband. Even when I fought 1 GWoP who turned, after some summoning, into 5 GWoP, Bahamut, 3Sky drakes, some Space Time, loads of balance/law/ancient gold D. Found several stacks of Seeker arrows/bolts, even ego ones. No Mithril... The lazy Dwarves stopped making them I guess... But that fight was fun, surrounded by 4-5 Ds and just hit the greater many shots macro and after 2 round, most were gone (GWoPs have a bit more hp).

But slings are stronger than crossbow against multiple enemies.

On 20.2.2016 16:13 Arjen wrote:
Ow, but look at my sling. That thing... <3

On 21.2.2016 21:05 Regalia wrote:
Wait... there are sings of buckland item type? How come I never ever got one? Ah, poorly configured autodestroyer :(.

Anyway, pretty crazy that sling. Those fire shots too.

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