The Angband Ladder: elliptic, Troll Monster by elliptic

Posted on 12.2.2016 01:09

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2551. on the Ladder (of 18815)
225. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
28. for this player (out of 52)


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On 12.2.2016 01:09 elliptic wrote:
Spirit Troll is pretty good - just a warrior with decent abilities and then wallwalking at XL 40. This character had quite bad early luck though - Santa Claus quest on D:44 was not really feasible at the +0 speed and no telepathy that I had when I first got there, and I had to wait for a while there (including nearly dying many times in a cloning pits adventure that cost me more items than I gained) before I could proceed.

Once I got this nice hammer from Hephaestus the rest of endgame was pretty easy. The Serpent fight was somewhat painful but manageable with ~1000 damage and a lot of healing staves and such, and then I killed the destroyer with 2 !invuln immediately afterwards.

(Played with MarvinPA's changes plus a couple of my own.)

On 12.2.2016 03:49 krazyhades wrote:
To be fair, you specifically knowingly did an underequipped/early cloning pits because you were bored to tears.

On 12.2.2016 12:38 wrote:
First spirit troll winner; congratulations!

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