The Angband Ladder: 3353, High-Elf Warrior by nikheizen

Posted on 13.1.2016 17:07
Last updated on 14.1.2016 08:18

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14543. on the Ladder (of 18811)
349. on the FAangband Ladder (of 494)
33. for this player (out of 38)


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On 13.1.2016 17:07 nikheizen wrote:
Decided to try out FAangband as my only experience with *bands is really from PCB and Sil.

The Hybrid+ironman option looked fun, but I had no idea how tense the survival would be.

Never thought that I would be so grateful for my scant 2 scrolls of teleport and 4 potions of speed. Also my gauntlets of power, which are pretty much the only thing keeping me going at this point.

At least now I've learnt not to fight pink things. The stat drain is real (31 total points lost!) It's funny to consider that the next crucial stepping stone in my build is a mushroom of restoration- which I'm really hoping will appear in this game and soon!

On 13.1.2016 17:34 debo wrote:
Great character name.

On 13.1.2016 23:16 krazyhades wrote:

On 14.1.2016 08:18 nikheizen wrote:
Aaaand RIP.
Don't feel like there was much I could have done here without stats or a staff of teleport since it was faster than me even after !Speed.

Maybe some better armour would have been nice too (though the boots of elvenkind were a nice treat for one level!).

I guess next time I try doing an ironman, the goal will be to completely avoid anything that can drain stats since ,Restoring seems to be nearly mythical and the drop rate is already not great for anything other than weapons.

On 14.1.2016 20:46 Nick wrote:
Black scorpions kill a lot of my characters. Ironman is hard.

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