The Angband Ladder: Mark V, Half-Troll Warrior by Wanderlust

Posted on 7.1.2016 10:12
Last updated on 16.1.2016 12:38

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On 7.1.2016 10:14 Wanderlust wrote:
Found Forsagil lying on the floor at 500'. Awesome! Barely started and already able to deal around 100 damage per round:)

On 7.1.2016 13:24 Ingwe Ingweron wrote:
Forasgil, another great find! You GO Mark!

I noticed a couple things about your user interface and birth option settings. - sound can be helpful to warn you of certain things, since it can help you pay attention to the messages line at some critical junctures. - hybrid walls trumps solid walls, I tend to like the solid walls, but if you have hybrid walls checked you never experience solid walls. Then again, if you really like the hybrid walls better then it doesn't matter that you also have solid walls checked. - automatically clearing the more prompts I don't recommend, especially if you are learning. You are missing lot's of messages and that can easily get you in trouble. Personally, I never play with that except in certain situations. E.g., @ is quite strong and is fighting an Ainur pit. I will temporarily disable the more prompts until the Ainur pit is dealt with, then turn it back on. In any event, make sure you turn it on when dealing with powerful monsters...especially the Big Bosses. No chance you want to miss messages there! - Notify on object recharge. A warrior especially, who must rely on rods, should want to know as soon as these are charged back up. - Ignore level feelings (birth option) I know Derakon prefers playing without them, but I tend to leave them on. It is a source of potentially helpful information that either more dangerous than usual or better treasure than usual might be found on the level. E.g., in the early levels, a treasure feeling of 4 often indicates free action gloves or boots, a treasure feeling of 6 might indicate one of the 'thanc daggers (very good finds in the early going that can usually outperform most things down to stat gain depths).

On 13.1.2016 13:50 Wanderlust wrote:
Ingwe, thanks a ton for these tips on the interface and birth option settings. I turned hybrid walls off and yes we really like the solid walls. Also I turned the more prompts back on and showed Mark how they worked. He prefers to clear the more prompts manually even though he can't read the actual messages because it's safer.

Next time he starts a new character I'll turn on the level feelings and see how we like that. I was using them myself initially until I read one of Derakon's posts on why it's more fun without them, I tried it and liked it. But I think Mark will like the level feelings so we'll try them out next time.

Sounds weren't working at all on my system until today, but now we're using them and they are a huge interface improvement for Mark.

Very helpful tips!

On 16.1.2016 12:45 Wanderlust wrote:
Mark had a really great run this time ... in fact he challenged my deepest dive ever, I've only ever been 1 DL deeper than this.

All the interface tips helped a lot. We're learning our favorite ways to play. Next game I'll turn the level feelings on for him too, I bet he'll like them.

The final moment in this game was very frustrating. That death knight had been chasing Mark all around the level. He had already decided to escape and read ?WoR. But that darn thing kept charging at him. We debated what to do and decided to use !Phase followed by Teleport. But after the Phase Door, it looked like we might be able to save that one charge from the teleport staff ... but we didn't realize the Death Knight could kill us with one spell.

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