The Angband Ladder: Char, Demon Monster by debo

Posted on 3.1.2016 18:16
Last updated on 6.2.2016 04:02

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1585. on the Ladder (of 18817)
111. on the PosChengband Ladder (of 2395)
Third best for this player (out of 56)

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On 7.1.2016 03:26 debo wrote:
Decided to go full balrog, until very recently I didn't even have SP because I was too stupid. 'Very bad' stealth probably isn't something I'll want to live with moving onto next things, but it is pretty fun!

On 7.1.2016 13:51 Regalia wrote:
Think of it this way, with stealth like that you might just as well use aggravating items.

On 14.1.2016 05:00 debo wrote:
Weird character. I've got some OK stuff now but it seems like I've been finding very little compared to my other Lucky characters.

I accidentally went to Angband:44 without meaning to. Glaurung was a good draw, but the small level with an undead pit (including a Nightwing and a Zephyr Lord), a billion hounds, and other stupid things was not. A few lucky teleports / phases saved me a lot of grief in the end.

I decided to run the Cloning Pits a bit early. Forgot to bring lev, which was annoying but not insurmountable. My low stealth and the appearance of Malekith were worse. I had to burn a *healing* on that fight, but it was better than taking a risk with 3 dozing Bokrugs in LOS.

Might rekit a bit for rConf and rBlind together and do Camelot next. It's long past time for this guy to die to something stupid.

On 16.1.2016 05:50 debo wrote:
Wrecked camelot, then took my ring of invulnerability to the Arena and started bossrushing. Artifacts are finally starting to rain.

On 16.1.2016 19:29 debo wrote:
I feel like this invuln strategy would work on most possibly quest monsters at DL50 and DL56, so I might go try those now.

On 16.1.2016 22:35 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Invuln will carry you a long ways until you get to dlvl 80 or deeper generally.

On 19.1.2016 03:15 debo wrote:
Killed a greater balrog to become a greater balrog.

Going to take my newfound fire immunity first to Doom Quest 2 (with a reflecty thing) and then to the Volcano.

On 21.1.2016 02:08 debo wrote:
This invuln ring has really carried me a long way. Wrapped up Doom Quest 2 to get a staff of healing, and a staff of speed also happened to drop in that same quest. (One of the few staves that didn't get burned up by iron lichs.) Then headed over to volcano and wrecked shooting star.

I really want to do the old castle, but would have to rekit to something with some kind of stealth or I'm dead, I can't really take on all those breeders + 4 titans within 10 steps of entering the place. I'll probably just dive farther in Angband for a while, or do the same thing in Castle. Lots of snacks there.

On 29.1.2016 03:52 debo wrote:
Decided to try out this depth 555 wilderness trick that has suddenly become popular, and it's pretty ridic. Check out those devices. Oh, and I have a wild tanto now. Ho ho ho.

Best thing i found was a pair of speedboots that were +8 speed and -8 dex.

On 29.1.2016 05:56 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
depth 555 wilderness trick?

On 29.1.2016 07:50 poschengbandplayer wrote:
there is also a depth 666 trick i just found out (i wonder if this is a new "feature"?).basically you go to the location where the heaven and hell stairs are supposed to be.heaven is in a small island in the north east corner of the have to go around a little bit till you find the depth 555.i recommend going there when youre strong enough to handle multi hued wyrms and ancient dragons.depth 666 is where its super dangerous,there are hell wyrms and possibly krakens there.its in the south east of the map,a magma spot in the map.i dont recommend going there at all,except if youre super high level :3

On 29.1.2016 11:41 poschengbandplayer wrote:
cyber wyrm angel daemon lichs spawn there........ ;_;
be careful

On 29.1.2016 13:41 debo wrote:
All I had to fight in depth 555 zone was ancient dragons (yay) and hounds (boo). It was very safe, and the dragons drop a ton of stuff. I brought clone monster wands to speed up the process.

On 29.1.2016 14:06 poschengbandplayer wrote:
yeah,i was copycatting your strategy with a psion but out of nowhere suddenly a monster stopped time and i found myself with -100 hp. ~ (gcwadl)

On 30.1.2016 00:53 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Yeah, visit the 555 / 666 zone when you're absolutely overpowered. Otherwise, stay out!!

On 30.1.2016 02:28 krazyhades wrote:
Hugo, I disagree. The wilderness 555 area is actually quite tame, unlike the post-Serpent dungeons that descend below them. While there's certainly some risk involved (as poschengbandplayer's time stop death shows), that's very uncommon. It is on the balance probably the best way to power up a character quickly by means of the great drops.

On 30.1.2016 06:14 debo wrote:
Feeling crazy strong now, between all these devices, vamp, a billion HP, invuln, and I can't even think of what else right now. Just found Ringil, but Bloodrip seems to be like the better choice for now. If I want another +5 speed I might just go farm for better speedrings you-know-where.

Confusing lights is insane, it permafreezes monsters so often it almost feels like cheating sometimes.

On 30.1.2016 08:57 poschengbandplayer wrote:
yeah.on another note,caaws spawn there too.lets just say that you + wand of clone monster + 3 staffs of holiness (which assuredly will be dropped) will have a gooooood time.every caws is worth 200 thousand experience.
gonna start an angel character :3
thanks for this super ueber hint,debo~

On 30.1.2016 10:18 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Feeling overpowered? Then, visit Mt Olympus for a change! ;)

On 30.1.2016 16:30 Regalia wrote:
I wonder if Caaws was designed to be easy xp for those highly penalized classes. It doesn't do much.

On 30.1.2016 16:58 debo wrote:
RIP Tiamat.

On 30.1.2016 21:22 poschengbandplayer wrote:
Well,I can imagine they would be death molds on steroids if you were a melee character,under normal circumstances.
also,one of the dangers of my strategy was,that a pack of gravity hounds would teleport you right in the middle of your caaws farm *shudder*

On 30.1.2016 22:56 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
^ Also if Phase Door / Teleport places you right next to a can guess what happens...

On 31.1.2016 02:22 debo wrote:
Found a leather jacket of +1 attack, so I figured "I wonder what that looks like branded." It doesn't look too bad.

Also found Zarcuthra -- that or Ringil probably are good candidates for Serpent-swatters. Now I just have to kill a lot of uniques. Gothmog is high up on the target list.

On 31.1.2016 22:00 debo wrote:
Was hoping for Gothmog as my DL88 boss, it was Nodens instead. I didn't have any desire to deal with that.

On 31.1.2016 23:34 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Fighting Nodens is never fun

On 1.2.2016 03:53 wrote:
If I get that far with my psion, I'll see if I can't chump Nodens in memoriam of all the characters he gave a hard time.

On 1.2.2016 13:17 debo wrote:
I can take him if I rekit to mage-rog and use hellfire, I just don't have the patience right now. Plus, finding the daemon stone before that would be nice.

On 2.2.2016 13:02 Regalia wrote:
Nodens is nasty. One moment you're "fine" the next one he summons angels who terrify you while he's spamming his spells. Him as a dungeon guardian is just unfair.

On 3.2.2016 01:22 HallucinationMushroom wrote:
That is the best name for a weapon I have ever seen.

On 3.2.2016 04:19 debo wrote:
The fight with Dad was ruined by awful AI. IMO a lot of these AIs really detract from the game -- Gothmog was a statue the whole fight which meant I only got to see the lava walk when he died. Not quite the epic fight I was looking for.

On 3.2.2016 05:15 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
How did Gothmog become a statue? Whenever I had a high-level character, Gothmog would hunt me down with lava following through.

On 3.2.2016 18:55 nikheizen wrote:
@HugoTheGreat2011, it's an AI pattern where the monster just stands still and casts spells. It's really boring.

On 4.2.2016 04:42 debo wrote:
2-shotting combat echizen with hellfire was the best thing that happened to me this entire game so far.

On 4.2.2016 04:45 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
That's not *good*, right? Get the joke? ;)

On 4.2.2016 06:28 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
That's why Combat-Echizen is a "good" monster ;)

On 4.2.2016 10:28 nikheizen wrote:
'Good' one.

On 4.2.2016 15:02 debo wrote:
Trying to find Brand, Nodens, and Yog-Sockmouth or whatever his name is. I might just give up and go straight for the end. I am contemplating a rekit that involves Zarcuthra, boots of speed, razorback, and dor-lomin, and maybe some other stuff. I'd like to be a bit faster for the serpent. That might end up meaning Ringil, which is not very balrog :(

On 5.2.2016 13:17 debo wrote:
Did a major rekit in prep for the serpent, which involved selling my overstuffed home out to reforge these dragon gloves. The end result was OK -- I didn't really need more speed, and was hoping for damage pluses, but I can live with it.

Highlights of this setup are +10% MR, 3 immunities, 2 sources of aggravation, and a lot of weapon brands (including slay evil, which I didn't have before.) It was sad to lose the +blow from the Leather Jacket of Shiva's Avatar, but 700 vs evil is still ok "I guess."

I will probably go farm some dragons for a while until my weapon skill with this sword goes up, and then Oberon.

On 5.2.2016 19:56 Regalia wrote:
I can only suggest killing the P before going after J. It's significantly harder when you have to deal with both of them at the same time (and J typically summons P).

On 6.2.2016 02:12 debo wrote:
Can't P be TO'ed? I don't think it would be that hard to TO him and port over to destruct. I'd rather not use all my consumables fighting P and then have to grind forever for more, he's pretty close to as hard as the J IMO

On 6.2.2016 04:07 debo wrote:
First poscheng winner ever. Before I started this char, I decided to play to win instead of playing to mess around with weird japanese things, and I guess you can't really pick a better race/class combo than balrog monster-race, as it erases most of the really intolerable things about the endgame. The playing-to-finally-win also meant I didn't feel bad at all about using that 555 exploit.

The J fight was OK, he did end up summoning literally all of the 20 or so uniques I left alive, including Morgoth and Cyaegha (the latter twice, and at the same time as P.) P was fairly easy to TO and follow to destruct. Yog-sockmouth was actually the worst because he passwalls, and he and the J were conjoined for a little while.

I ended up landing the final blows with rockets, which is exactly the way debo should be finishing this game.

Good run. I really, really like the new devices in 4.0, they are super great. The store changes I'm pretty not happy about, but I can live with it.

Might as well go to olympus now, I guess. Might try it in a while.

On 6.2.2016 04:18 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
Awesome win!

On 6.2.2016 05:29 murphy wrote:
Great job!

On 6.2.2016 10:08 Thraalbee wrote:
Nice win! I like the rockets ending

On 6.2.2016 17:32 Regalia wrote:
Congrats. And with plenty of resources left.

Yes, P also follows you all across the map together with J but it's great that teleporting and destroying worked out for you.

Were you spared Nodens at least?

On 6.2.2016 17:37 debo wrote:
Nodens and the Babble were both things I was slightly worried about, but I was spared. Null was the only other remaining dungeon guardian, and he did make a brief appearance before being destructed.

On 6.2.2016 22:19 HugoTheGreat2011 wrote:
The reason why Nodens wasn't summoned at the Serpent is because Nodens is 'good' (i.e., not evil like the Serpent, Morgoth, and so on).

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