The Angband Ladder: Tony XXI, Half-Troll Warrior by Wanderlust

Posted on 15.12.2015 10:39
Last updated on 20.12.2015 10:07

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On 15.12.2015 15:44 Wanderlust wrote:
Well my last character taught me not to open vaults with 20-level OOD monsters in them when I have no basic resistances nor clue what those monsters can do. Armed with that wisdom, hopefully this @ will get a bit further before he bites the dust.

This early in the game my most significant find so far are a lantern and a crossbow that was available in the store. Starting with the basics.

On 15.12.2015 22:32 Wanderlust wrote:
Gorbag dropped an elven cloak! It has 7 more AC points than the [1, +5] cloak it replaced, plus a permanent +1 speed boost. It gives a stealth bonus too, but I still don't think I'll be sneaking up on too many monsters.

The rest of my kit hasn't really come together yet though.

On 16.12.2015 20:02 Wanderlust wrote:
This game is the slowest progression of any I've played so far and I kinda like it this way. No huge power bumps, no artifacts. Just a steady progression of slightly better items.

Funny my best weapon was dropped by Farmer Maggot.

Aside from that I've got a bit more speed, a decent long bow, free action, and plenty of melee power to handle anything as far as I've been down. I've never had speed before, so I'll have to watch how it affects the gameplay. I guess I'll occassionally get to double-attack normal-speed monsters?

On 17.12.2015 10:06 Wanderlust wrote:
Now I'm getting down to the levels where I've always managed to die quickly before. But I've learned a couple lessons ...

This is the point in the game where I started to feel invulnerable in the past, because half-troll warriors just plow through 99% of what you see at this depth. That's why the other 1% is so surprising ... but now I'm beginning to understand Angband is all about planning for that unexpected 1% and making sure it doesn't happen.

At this point I'm doing quite reasonable in melee and ranged combat, mostly due to +4 speed. Brodda dropped a nice randart helm with see invisible, +4 infravision, and resistance to acid and disenchantment, so that's nice.

I guess the main point right now is to be careful. Also basic resistances wouldn't hurt.

On 19.12.2015 09:34 Wanderlust wrote:
I'm still surviving, mostly because I've learned to be MUCH more careful. Had a close scrape trying to loot the right half of a vault that had an AMHD in the left half. He was blocked by a sleeping Algroth ... what in the world made me think it might be safe?

When he blinded me with a flash, I realized it could have just as easily been a killing breath. Lucky I had a teleport scroll.

Other than that, it's still a gradual progression. Most notable recent finds include hard leather armor of resistance (which I'm very grateful for) and a rapier of Slay Evil which finally brings my melee damage output to a quite decent level.

On 19.12.2015 22:50 Wanderlust wrote:
I made a weapon trade-off I'm not sure whether or not was really the best idea. Dropped my rapier of Slay Evil, which was doing 117 damage to evil and 106 to regular monsters, for a great hammer of Gondolin which does ony 52 damage to regular monsters.

However it seemed worth it because the hammer of Gondolin has resist paralysis, which freed up a ring slot and allowed me to wear the +8 ring of speed I found near the Gondolin hammer.

As I think it through a little more I think I made a slightly suboptimal choice here, especially considering my speed was already +4, so the additonal +8 represented a 57% increase over my speed before the weapon switch. For this I sacrificed 51% of my damage output.

These choices are complex and interesting. I'd like to figure out some kind of spreadsheet-based way to manage inventory to keep track of stuff and help evaluate trade-offs.

On 19.12.2015 23:00 Avenger wrote:
But a Great Hammer is a much more trollish weapon choice then a rapier.

And don't underestimate speed - it factors into your attack power as well as survival.

On 20.12.2015 07:12 Wanderlust wrote:
Totally valid point about hammers being more trollish. I feel much better about my choice now. Also on the whole the extra speed might actually compensate for the damage loss.

@ did manage to get DEX/INT stat-swapped by a nexus vortex. So far it doesn't seem to be TOO crippling, and there are some stat-gain potions around.

On 20.12.2015 10:25 Wanderlust wrote:
Unfortunately undead beholders are not very bashable. Is there an effective way to deal with these things?

On 20.12.2015 12:05 wobbly wrote:
Running away is my preferred method.

On 20.12.2015 16:35 Wanderlust wrote:
Yeah, that's what I figured ...

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