The Angband Ladder: Tony XV, Half-Troll Warrior by Wanderlust

Posted on 10.12.2015 10:34

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On 10.12.2015 10:51 Wanderlust wrote:
Despite the early death this time around, I think I'm starting to get the hang of a few of the basics of this game. I now understand what the birth option do and which ones I like, and also I'm learning to dive. This game took me only about 30 minutes to reach the 600' level.

Unfortunately I neglected to stock up on phase door. I had just 4 scrolls when I met Mughash. I was no match for him in melee, especially because I couldn't manage to kill the giant white tick next to us (ironic after I'd just slain about 80 kobolds of all kinds). After my last phase door ran out I almost made my escape on the stairs but he cornered me (which I could have avoided easily if I'd seen it coming).

Ah well, next time I'll get you, Mughash!

On 10.12.2015 19:57 wobbly wrote:
I can't tell if it would of worked without seeing a map but the giant tick is 1/2 your speed, so there's a good chance of retreating from it if you're not boxed in. So if it's something like:

. . . .
| . . .

& the tick has just attacked you, you could safely move NW & it wouldn't attack again (1/2 speed) reaching the corridor, where you could fight them 1 on 1. Apologies if that doesn't apply to the actual situation or you already knew.

On 10.12.2015 20:25 Wanderlust wrote:
Hey thanks for that tip - I did not realize that. Very helpful to better understand how time and speed work.

It is possible that could have helped me survive that encounter, but the truth is I made multiple mistakes. In addition to failing to outmanuever the tick, I also waited one turn too long before realizing it was time to escape, and I made an unnecessary move allowing Mugdash to corner me 2 tiles away from the stairs.

So I guess it was pretty much guaranteed one or another of my mistakes was gonna kill me. Gotta be a bit more careful ...

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